Dream of: 21 February 1983 "Be Happy"

I was in my rather large bedroom in a house in Portsmouth. The door of the bedroom opened up to a blue room the size of an auditorium. But my door was about eight meters up from the level of the floor in the large room. Thus getting out of my room wouldn't be easy. I could see another door on the other side of the large room, which was likewise the same height from the floor.

A rope ladder was hanging from the door on the other side of the room, and came all the way over to the side of the room where I was. However it didn't come to my door, but was farther away. Apparently the only way to reach the ladder from where I was, was by some other ropes which stretched between my door and the place to which the rope ladder was attached on my side.

I had earlier been writing my dreams, but had stopped for a little while to write a song. The song began, "Be happy for a thankful heart."

I walked around the room exuberantly singing the pleasant song. When I returned to the door, I heard someone singing on the other side of the large room. I looked across at the other side, and was surprised to see Weinstein there. I hadn't seen him in such a long time. He looked young and healthy. Since it was about a week before Christmas, I figured he had come home for Christmas.

Stunned, I fell back into my room. I had heard Weinstein had been studying singing. How strange it was that I had been singing a little song I had written, and then Weinstein showed up singing a song.

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