Dream of: 13 February 1983 "Poltergeist"

I was on a movie set, involved in the making of a movie. We were running through the whole movie. The plot began in a house, with a woman coming into the kitchen, where I was standing. Her two young sons, one young girl and their father were also in the kitchen. Also present was a creature similar to E.T. (the main character in the movie E.T.), except he was only about ten centimeters tall. I couldn't see exactly what he looked like.

Everyone was in a happy mood when the mother entered. But as they were all talking, the mother suddenly stopped and exclaimed, "Something's wrong here! Something's wrong here!"

She looked around and said, "Where are the children?"

The children had disappeared. Apparently the children had disappeared before. The mother and father quickly became alarmed. The mother cried, "E.T.! E.T! Where are the children? E.T. You've let us down. Where are the children?"

E.T. jumped to the floor and opened the cabinet under the sink. With his long fingers he probed into the cabinet, trying to find the children.

Although I didn't realize it at the time, the action reminded me of the movie Poltergeist. I turned and ran up the stairs. When I reached the top, I saw one of the little boys standing behind the banister. I hollered at him and headed toward him. But suddenly I ran into an invisible barrier, some kind of force field which separated us. It hurt me and I hollered. The father ran up the stairs. I pointed to the boy and cried, "Do you see him? He's standing right there, but there's an electric force field between us."

But the father said that he didn't see him, that he didn't see anything.

The mother came up the stairs. She likewise couldn't see him, but she was able to walk to where he was. She flung her arms around, first over top of him, and then right through him. As her arms passed through him, she seemed to be erasing him, going from the head down. She kept passing her arms through him until she had erased him all the way to the waist.

Meanwhile I was thinking to myself about the plot of the movie. I thought the three children were supposed to have been captured in the house, and then reduced to microscopic size, to the size of a pin head. They were then supposed to be hidden somewhere in the house.

I looked back down the stairs and saw the little girl at the bottom. I knew the mother and father couldn't see her either. As the girl began ascending the stairs, I had an extremely eerie feeling.

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