Instead of simply killing himself, Oedipus decided to torture himself and chose the far more painful remedy of cutting out his own eyes.

Dream of: 06 February 1983 "Black Duck Against The Wind"

While in the Gallia County Farmhouse, I saw my mother standing nude in the living room; I thought it odd when I noticed she had a penis. Nevertheless, I was attracted to her, wanted to have sex with her and I wondered if she had a vagina under the penis. I walked over to her, stuck my finger under the penis and discovered she did indeed have a vagina into which I proceeded to stick my finger. She lay down and I climbed on top of her, inserted my penis into her vagina and quickly ejaculated.

After I had finished, she left and I sat alone in the room. I began thinking I had also recently had sex with my sister and I was contemplating telling my girlfriend Louise about the fact, but decided I wouldn't. In a way I thought I should tell Louise, but I thought having sex with my sister was different (as contrasted to having sex with someone else) and I wouldn't have to tell Louise about the sex with my sister.

My step-grandfather Clarence walked into the room and I began talking with him. He had some things which he needed to be taken up into the attic. He told me that a pulley was by a window in the attic, and that I could use some rope and the pulley to raise the things to the attic. He said I should go to the back of the Farmhouse to get some rope to use.

I walked outside and saw lying on the sidewalk a large rock which I thought I would throw down into Symmes Creek. I thought about Louise again and recalled that I had told her that I had never been able to throw a rock from the Farmhouse all the way to the creek. I picked up the rock and when I threw it, it bounced on the creek bank and then into the creek. I would have to tell Louise about that.

I couldn't find another large rock, but I did see some smaller flat rocks in a place where it looked as if a dog had been digging near the sidewalk. I picked up one of the smaller rocks and threw it, but the rock didn't go far and hit a fence about half way between the Farmhouse and the creek.

I looked up and saw a black duck flying overhead. The duck seemed to be very symbolic to me and I thought I would like to tell Louise about it, but I thought, "Oh, she wouldn't understand. She would just think it was silly."

Nevertheless, I continued thinking about the black duck flying against the wind.

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