Dream of: 05 February 1983 "God Is With Me"

In the dark of night, I had walked down to the milk house at the bottom of the hill behind the Gallia County Farmhouse. But instead of finding the milkhouse, I discovered a cave where the milkhouse should have been. As I squinted into the darkness of the cave, some children unexpectedly began gathering around me. Suddenly two of them bolted into the depths of the long downward-slopping cave. The remaining children and I stood still, waiting for the two departed children to return. When the two didn't reappear, the remaining children and I concluded that the two must have become lost, and that we should enter the cave and try to find them.

Some of the children began plugging together some extension cords (some of which simply resembled pieces of rope) so a light could be hooked up and carried into the cave. When the children had their cords and light ready, and were just about to descend into the cave, several people suddenly emerged from the cave's mouth.

As the people stepped from the cave, they said they had been investigating the interior of the cave for about six months. When some of the children asked the people if they (the people) could now see in the dark, the people responded that they couldn't, that they still needed light.

The children related to the people how the two children had disappeared into the cave. The people promptly expressed concern, saying it might be necessary to enter the cave and search for the children.

One man in the group pulled out a small flashlight, aimed it back into the cave and began shining it. Although small, the flashlight was extremely powerful the whole cave seemed to light up. The children and I were impressed. Peering into the lighted cave, the man said he would probably have to go inside and search for the children. He then began droning, "God is with me. And I am with God. God is me. And I am God."

The children and I were thoroughly impressed with the man, who seemed to know what he was talking about. As he shined his light into the cave, I thought I also heard him say, "I am the light." I thought he might be reciting the first verses of the Gospel of John.

In the interim, the sun had begun to rise outside the cave. Someone cried excitedly, "The dawn is coming! The dawn is coming!"

The children believed they needed to descend into the cave before the sky lit up they had a fear of being discovered by adults if they remained outside. Glancing up toward the Farmhouse, on top of the hill, I thought I could see my grandmother Mabel. I agreed with the children: they needed to retreat into the cave before the adults showed up.

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