Dream of: 31 January 1983 "The Creation Of The World"

I was searching in the newspaper for a movie which I wanted to see called The Creation of the World. I found the ad, which showed a picture of some small robots, as well as the words, "He Him." I thought the words might be the name of one of the robots. Apparently the movie portrayed another civilization which had existed before the present world had been created. I saw on my watch that it was a quarter until nine. Since the movie had started at a quarter until eight, I knew it was already too late. I would have to wait until another night to go.

I turned on the television. As I watched the show, I realized I was watching was the movie The Creation of the World. I thought it might just be a preview.

On the screen were two young men dressed in futuristic suits. In the background was an animated picture of a futuristic city. The two men were talking about dates of previous time, and about wars between groups of people. It was obvious they were talking about another civilization before the present one on earth had begun.

A black man (about 40 years old) dressed in a black suit, showed up. The two men had a device with which they had been probing the black man's thoughts before he had arrived, so they were expecting him. The two young men started talking with the black man.

The movie suddenly broke off, and the screen focused in on one of the two young men who had been one of the stars in the movie. I realized I was watching a talk show, and what I had seen was just a glimpse of the movie which one of the guests on the talk show had been in. The man conducting the interview was the television celebrity Dick Clark.

The young man (probably 25-26 years old) was wearing a sports jacket over a white sweater. He seemed quite nervous. He was on the verge of becoming a super star, and he didn't seem to be handling it well. When Dick Clark asked him a question, the young man became spastic as he tried to answer it. He stuck his hand in his mouth and began drooling. Saliva dripped from his teeth. He threw his arms behind his back and hugged himself. He looked retarded. It seemed odd to watch him, but Dick Clark handled it well.

Another scene from the movie was shown. Some futuristic people were walking along a lake.

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