Dream of: 30 January 1983 (2) "Catching The Wind"

I was in a spacious room which appeared to be in a university in the middle of a city. Looking out a large window, I could see a wide city courtyard or plaza with many people in it. The scene appeared to be either in Europe or Latin America. The plaza was covered with gray stones and a gray hue predominated.

One fellow in the courtyard was attempting to stand on his hands. His body was curved and he was about half way up. I could hardly see how he was going to be able to raise himself all the way up, but finally he succeeded and raised himself straight up on his hands. I would like to learn how to do that. I decided I was going to stop doing all my other yoga exercises except that one until I had it perfected.

The man then began running on his hands, and as he did so, he crossed his legs, straight up, as in a lotus position. He then appeared to catch the wind, and began floating.

Other people were also watching him. I was simply amazed at what I was seeing. He floated for a while, then came back down to land, then went back up again. He continued going up and down, circling around the plaza. I recalled I had done something like that before in my dreams. Sometimes in my dreams I would run along, catch the wind, and begin floating; but I hadn't done it in a long time and I would like to do it again.

Several other people were also floating around the plaza, some as much as 20 meters off the ground. The people in the plaza were apparently accustomed to people flying around like that.

I knew that my father was in another spacious room next to mine, that he was teaching some people something. He apparently was a professor in the university. Since his room also looked out over the plaza, I wanted to tell him to look and see what was going on out there. I walked into his room, but instead of stopping there, when I saw he was busy, I walked behind him and entered another room.

I looked out a balcony window. There I saw another large room, perhaps 100 meters long and 50 meters wide. There appeared to be a red carpet on the floor and a red hue predominated. Inside the room was an older man, a professor, wearing a gray suit, flying around upside down the same way the people had been flying in the plaza. The window from which I was looking was perhaps 20 meters from the ground. As the man flew around, he came close to me and as he passed, I sighed, as if I were impressed. When he heard me, he began descending. His face was toward me. He motioned to me with his finger for me to come out to him.

I wanted to go fly too. He landed and turned over. He looked heavier after he turned over. He reminded me a bit of professor Pasalacua (a law school professor whom I had met at the University of Puerto Rico Law School), and a bit like the Moslem leader Benji from the movie Gandhi. He rose to his feet and walked in my direction. I hollered down to him, "It looks easy."

He replied, "It is."

He walked out of the room.

I immediately felt something bite me on the leg -- I knew it was a dog. I looked down and saw a short-haired dog, about 30 centimeters long, with its mouth clamped down on my leg. I thought it was a "pit dog." I had heard such dogs were quite ferocious. I turned around slowly and began trying to make it back up to the door. I looked around, thinking other watch-dogs might be here. Perhaps the room was reserved for professors, and I shouldn't be here. The large room I had been looking into certainly seemed to be reserved for professors.

Even though the dog's mouth was tightly holding my leg, it was still making noises. I thought of trying to pry the dog off. I could feel its grip tighten and I wondered if it were breaking the skin. I was afraid the dog might have rabies. If I could return to my father, he could help me. Just as I had almost reached the door, I hollered, "Dad! Dad!" I hoped my father would know how to free the little black dog from my leg.

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