Dream of: 30 January 1983 "A Ploy"

While in a town, I had met a rather big black fellow (probably in his late 20s) with whom I had stayed for several days. It seemed as if he and I had been running around together the night before. He had a yellow Cadillac (probably 8-9 years old), but still in fairly good condition. When he told me he would sell the car to me for $1,095, I immediately accepted his offer and I bought the car.

Afterwards I began thinking I had paid too much for the car. I talked with the black fellow and he admitted he had been trying to sell the car for quite a while and the highest offer he had had was about $800. Realizing I had handed over $1,100 without even thinking about it, I thought I had bought the car too quickly.

My brother-in-law James walked up.

Suddenly I remembered I had recently bought another car for about $500. Apparently I had sold that car to Kay. I began thinking I could sell the Cadillac to Kay for about $1,400. That way I could get my money back. The Cadillac was just the kind of car she would like a big snazzy one.

I went to a service station near where the black fellow lived and had some oil put in the car. I decided to also wash the car; I washed and washed on it, cleaning the dirt off every little place. The car looked very nice when I was through, all shiny and sparkling. I boarded it and drove about three kilometers, but the car didn't seem to be running right. I returned to the service station, walked in and said, "This car's not running right."

The station attendants checked the oil. They had put some kind of oil called "190" in the car. They looked at their records and realized the oil they had put in was too thick. The car actually needed a size "90" oil. The attendants said the car would have to be taken apart and cleaned out to make sure I had the right oil in it.


Entering a nearby white house, I found Louise inside. The black fellow with whom I had been staying also walked into the house and began talking with us. As I prepared to leave, he asked me if I knew somewhere in my town where he could stay. I said, "Yea, you could come and stay with me for a few days."

I figured wouldn't want him to stay with me for more than a week. I didn't think Louise (who was listening) liked the idea of his coming to stay with me, but I figured, "Well, he's been putting me up for a few days, so I'll put him up if he comes."

After he walked outside and stood by the Cadillac, Louise and I then apparently began plotting to do something to the black fellow. I was supposed to go out and tell the black fellow to come back into the house because Louise wanted him to "fuck her."

When I walked back outside,  found a Mexican with the black fellow. I walked up to the black fellow and said, "Come on inside. Louise wants you to fuck her."

Both fellows walked inside into the living room where Louise was. I said to the fellows, "Well, go ahead and take your clothes off and then you can fuck her."

When both fellows had taken off their clothes and were standing there naked, I suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. Everything had been a ploy to get them inside; I told them to get down on their knees.

Louise was lying down and I began taking her clothes off. I was positioned behind her so she was spread out between me and the two men. I finished taking off all her clothes. I then planned to point my gun at the black fellow and make him perform cunnilingus on Louise.

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