Dream of: 26 January 1983 "Diamond Ring"

After Louise and I entered a jewelry store in downtown Portsmouth, I dumped a large jar of pennies onto the counter. As I went through the pennies, sorting out all the ones with wheat ears on the backs, I saw pennies with dates of 1947 and 1917. Stacking the wheat ear pennies to one side, I was surprised to realize there were so many of them.

Louise showed me either a pin or ring which she had found in the street. It had many different colored stones sticking out the edges which reminded me of fruit. In the middle was a small diamond. I was unsure whether it was real. A couple of the stones were bent toward the diamond. After Louise handed the ring to me, I showed it to the jeweler and asked him if the diamond in the middle was real. He said, "Sure."

While he took the piece to a small machine and began looking at it through the machine, I browsed around. I was carrying some papers in a notebook under my arm; I also had a sack containing what appeared to be long, pheasant's feathers. Finally the jeweler approached me and I said, "Well, is that a real diamond?"

He responded, "Yea."

I asked, "Well how much is it worth?"

Prices in that store were expensive. He said, "Well at our store, its worth about five cents."

Some people were standing nearby; I felt it was rather degrading for him to be saying in front of them that our diamond was only worth five cents. I said, "OK."

I continued looking around. Christmas was approaching; the store began to become crowded as many elegantly dressed people walked in. I began thinking I was probably bothering the jewelers here and they would be glad to get rid of me.

I walked over to the counter close to where the jeweler had been looking at the diamond and asked another man if I could have the diamond back. He said, "Yea."

He looked around, pulled out a piece of paper and asked me for my phone number. Apparently he already had my name and address. He took down the information.

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