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Dream of: 15 January 1983 "Selling Stocks And Bonds"

Two men were interviewing me for a job with a securities brokerage company, which seemed to be named "Bausch and Lomb." When I asked one of the men if that was the correct name, he said the company was now called "Bausch, Ferrell and Lomb."

They began telling me a little about their company and the job. I told them I already had a good idea of what was entailed, because someone in their company had given a short talk one day in one of my law classes about the job. The job basically involved selling securities. It wasn't actually a legal job; I asked if they had any jobs for lawyers. They implied the job was the only one for which they were interviewing.

They began extolling the job and explained how I would be negotiating with some of the most affluent people in Houston and setting up my own accounts selling stocks and bonds. They talked about commissions in the area of $200,000 per year.

One of them began explaining their bonus system, pulled out a money order for $10 and gave it to me. On the back was a picture of what appeared to be a billfold. Apparently the billfold could be earned as a bonus in the job.

They then showed me a book with some pictures in it. One picture was of some kind of device which looked like a lot of interconnecting silver bars. I finally concluded that it was some kind of children's play set and that it could be won by selling a certain amount of securities. But since I had no intention of having children, I would have no need for such a contraption.

The man turned the page and showed me some pictures of what appeared to be some nice jewelry. He asked me if I liked it and I said I did.

I decided I definitely wanted to work for them; I only had one reservation. When the man had spoken at school he had said everyone must train first for a year in New York. I wanted to know if it was necessary to go to New York. I began explaining I had a girlfriend, Louise, who was a law student at Baylor Law School. I told them she was two quarters behind me and we would probably marry in July.

They explained there was indeed a training period. Part of it was in Toronto, Canada and part was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Apparently it was necessary to go through the training.

I didn't see how I could do it.

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