Dream of: 30 December 1982 (2) "Greek Pottery"

I was in Portsmouth, Ohio where I had been watching a television program describing some pottery commonly sold in the area. The program said some of the pottery had actually been constructed from pieces of Greek pottery. The Greek pieces had been glued together with more recently fabricated pieces to make large vases about three meters tall. The elegant vases reminded me somewhat of swans.

I recalled that my mother had some vases like those in her garage behind her 29th Street House, where I presently found myself. After walking to the garage and looking around, I found a vase obviously of the same type as the ones which I had just seen described on the television. Some pieces which had been in the vase appeared to be ancient: I concluded those pieces were from the Greek pottery. My mother wasn't with me, and I hid the vase.

I returned back into the House and my mother soon returned with a person who reminded me both of my mother's friend, Meisel, and my father's secretary, Pitts. Earlier my mother had been speaking on the phone with the woman, who for some reason was unhappy with me. The woman was angry because, she said, I hadn't been treating her right. Indeed I thought I was unhappy with Pitts, because I had bought a car from her and hadn't gotten a very good deal on it.

When I began telling my mother of my discovery in the garage, the other woman picked up a small, glass cup, showed it to me, and said that perhaps it came from the Greeks. But when I looked at it, I said, "No, clearly this is of recent fabrication. It's just clear glass."

It was made of clear glass with the design of a red flower on it. I sat it back on the table.

Without asking my mother what she wanted to do with the vase which I had found in the garage, I announced that I had found it and that I wanted to keep it for myself. I said, "And I'm going to keep it."

I walked back to the garage where I searched high and low for the vase, without being able to locate it. I looked and looked but I couldn't remember where I had hidden the vase.


Gluing the shards of the Greek Oedipus' story to my own story revealed an unexpected swan-like beauty.

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