Dream of: 30 December 1982 "Ghastly Sight"

Louise and I were in a building which contained some phones in small booths. I found a phone on a desk and tried to use it to call my father and my mother. The operator came on the phone and said I would have to wait until the following morning. While I was waiting, Louise walked into one of the small booths and shut the door behind her. I sat there a few minutes and then began pushing the buttons on the phone to dial again. But when I pushed the buttons down, they didn't spring back up. Finally I pushed a button and it went all the way inside the phone. The operator suddenly came on and said, "There will be a red light that will come on early in the morning. At that time you will pick up the phone."

But something puzzled me: I thought Louise had gone into the booth to use the phone and I didn't understand how the operator could be talking to me if Louise was using the phone in the booth. I said, "Operator, hang on just a minute. I've got to check something."

I walked over to the door where Louise was, looked to my right into a closet and saw a ghastly sight. Someone had hung Louise up on some hangers. She was wearing her blue terry cloth top. I looked at her and said, "Louise! Louise dearest! What has happened to you?"

I walked up to her; the hangers were on her left shoulder. I couldn't tell if they were merely hanging inside her blouse or if they had somehow pierced her skin. Her face was very pale. One of her arms was stuck up in the air. I couldn't tell whether her feet were touching the ground. She wasn't moving and I was uncertain whether she was dead or alive. The bluish, pale color of her face was what seemed most terrible.

As gently and quickly as I could I began trying to take her down.

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