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Dream of: 29 December 1982 "Proclamation of Marriage"

While in Portsmouth, I decided to go to Chillicothe to visit my old girlfriend, Carolyn Counts. Since it was near Christmas, I decided to buy her a present, a blue bicycle, probably from Penny's. I assembled the bicycle myself, but when I had finished, it did not really look like a bicycle.

I reached Carolyn's house and walked up the stairs to the door. I first saw Carolyn's sister, and then Carolyn. I had been carrying the bicycle behind my back and when I pulled it out to show to her, it looked more like a bouquet of flowers. I handed it to her and she seemed pleased.

She looked attractive and had a shapely figure. She was surprised to see me, but seemed happy that I had come. She also had something which she gave to me. We walked over to the side and lay down on a couch together. She put her arms around me and gave me a brief kiss, but I did not feel close to her. I pulled back and began trying to wipe the kiss off. I was thinking about Bonnie and I knew I could not kiss Carolyn anymore. I thought, "Oh no. She's kissed me. What am I going to do?"

After wiping off the kiss I turned to her and said, "Carolyn, I think I'm going to get married."

She looked startled and asked who I was going to marry. I told her the woman was a law student whom I had met in Waco. Carolyn seemed to freeze up and then she began crying. I thought I had done the best thing by telling her. She lay crying for a while and then seemed to recover. I planned to stay for just a little while. I had only come to simply see her and nothing else.

We stood up; she said it would be better if we did not talk about it. She seemed calmer.

Her mother, sitting on the other side of the room, looked almost exactly like Bonnie's mother, Vivienne. Her mother said when she had married, she had simply "proclaimed" the marriage. I thought perhaps she had had a common-law marriage; I talked with her a little about it. She said she had known another couple who had married that way. She had found out how it was done and had simply made a proclamation of marriage. It had startled her husband.

Carolyn walked up beside me; she wanted to go outside. She seemed to want to hold my hand; I debated about letting her slip her arm through mine so we could walk outside together. I thought, "Well there wouldn't be any harm in it, cause I don't have anything to do with her. I'm just going to leave here in a few minutes anyway."

We walked out on the porch together.

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