Dream of: 07 December 1982 "Chinese Mountains"

I had been fighting in a war in China and had been captured by the Chinese. I was being held with other prisoners on a desolate plain in the middle of nowhere. A light snowfall covered the ground.

I had a brown horse. A moment came when I saw an opportunity to escape and I galloped off alone across the plain. I traveled for hours. I knew my horse would finally weaken and falter, but I had to press on because I feared I could be followed. I could see mountains far off in the distance. I cut across some fields which had recently been planted with some crop and I headed toward the mountains. As I went on I could tell my horse was growing weaker and weaker. Nothing for him to eat could be found.

Finally, I made it to the base of the mountains. I was surprised to see tracks in the snow here. Obviously someone else had recently been in the vicinity. I dismounted. I was hoping my horse could find some grass under the snow and recoup his strength.

I climbed a short distance up the mountain and looked back over the way I had come. I perceived not far behind me a band of men rapidly approaching. I knew immediately they were Chinese men chasing me.

I looked back around me and found my horse no longer, but instead another fellow about my age who was likewise trying to escape.

I could see a rock platform above us and was surprised to see a television there. Obviously someone must live around here. I clambered up the side of the mountain and pulled myself up a steep rock to the little rock platform. My friend helped push me up. I then turned around to pull him up. The Chinese group was almost upon us. I began pulling my friend, but before I could haul him up, the Chinese ran up, grabbed him by the legs and pulled him back down.

I couldn't decide whether to keep trying to escape or give myself up. Finally, I took a leap and jumped down where the Chinese were. I knew they wouldn't harm me. They just wanted to capture me.

I looked back up to where I had been and saw a second television close to where I had been standing on the rock platform. A little old Chinese man picked up a pebble, threw it at the television and hit it. I thought that was a way of making the television come on and I stood waiting for a picture to appear on the screen.

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