Dream of: 26 November 1982 "Hole In The Bridge"

I was driving a new, light brown sports car to Portsmouth. Louise and Boley (a fellow female law student) were with me. Although I was the driver, the car had just been bought by, and belonged to, one of them (probably Boley). As we drove along I decided before going to Portsmouth I would take the women to visit the Gallia County Farm,  about seven or eight kilometers away. It was Saturday and we were only going to be on the trip for a couple days.

As we drove along, a car began trying to pass us. I tried to pull over to the side as much as I could, because a third car was coming toward us in the opposite direction. The car trying to pass us old and beat-up was being driven by an old man. The car zoomed past.

When we finally reached some gravel roads, Louise said I had kissed her on the butt. I said, "I didn't kiss you on the butt."

I asked Louise who had said that and she said someone had told her. I asked, "Well who told you?"

She simply replied that it had been someone who had seen me kiss her on the butt. I said, "I want to know when someone seen me do that."

I grabbed her by the face and jerked her around until she quit talking about it. I knew I had never done anything like that. I couldn't remember having ever done anything intimate with her in front of someone else. But since it seemed that Louise, Boley and I had spent the previous night in the car together, I began thinking perhaps Boley had seen Louise and me having sex in the back of the car and had then said something to Louise about what she had seen.

We drove on and as we passed by Garner Hubbard's house, I hollered out, "Well, something important has happened."

They wanted to know what it was and I said, "That was the last house, the nearest neighbor of my grandparents. And you're going to see just how few people live up here now, because you're going to see how far it is still to my grandfather's."

We continued driving and driving until we finally reached the place where the Farm began. I said, "This is all my grandparents' farm. It just stretches all around."

I looked up toward one of the hills and was about to say, "My Cabin's up on top of that hill," but I decided to wait until later to tell them about the Cabin. I looked out over one of the fields where there were perhaps 100 nice cows and said, "Those are my grandfather's cows."

Everything was quite lush and green. I asked, "Can you imagine just having all this space and this land."

As we approached the bridge over Symmes Creek, which is in front of the House, I could see my step-grandfather Clarence working in front of the House. A truck was parked on the bridge. After the truck began moving and crossed the bridge, we began crossing it. Some of the boards in the bridge were missing, leaving some holes in the bridge.

As I swerved to miss one of the holes, the front left tire sank into another hole and became stuck. The situation seemed dangerous; we all climbed out of the car and stood here. I began working with a rope trying to pull the car out of the hole; as I did so, the car became very small. I finally managed to pull it out.

The three of us walked over to where Clarence was. My grandmother Mabel was also with him. I said to Clarence, "That's dangerous, that hole in that bridge."

He replied, "Yea, there's been all kinds of people getting stuck in it."

He said he had been trying to call someone responsible for county roads to have them repair the bridge, but he hadn't been able to contact anyone. He said that some women especially had problems with becoming stuck in the hole.

Clarence was wearing a brown robe. I put my arm around him and said to the two women, "This is my grandfather."

I next walked over to Mabel, put my arm around her and said, "And this is my grandmother."

I was then going to introduce the women to Clarence and Mabel, but I couldn't remember the women's names. I said, "And this is ...," but I couldn't remember the name. I turned to the other woman and said, "And this is ..."

The woman picked up the speech and said, "Amy."

The woman who called herself Amy was wearing a green dress. The other woman then said her name was either Stacy or Tracy.

I looked at both attractive women and had no idea who they were. I told Mabel we were only going to be here a short while. I just wanted to show the women around the place and then we were going to leave.

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