Dream of: 22 November 1982 "Improving My Memory"

I was sitting in a law class listening to a professor giving a lecture. Bonnie was sitting to my left and the professor was to our right, so my face had to be turned slightly away from Bonnie's. Although I could not see her face, I knew she could see mine. I had not looked at her during the entire class. Since she had separated from me, I was a bit angry with her, and I did not want our eyes to meet. I thought she probably wanted to look into my eyes, but I felt it would be better if she were unable to.

Michelle Youngblood (a law student) was sitting in front of us. Youngblood turned around, commented that I had begun growing a beard, and chided me a bit because some patches were on my face where no whiskers were growing. When Youngblood spoke, I turned my head to look at her, and I looked at Bonnie at the same time. Bonnie seemed glad I was finally looking at her. I thought I would like to scratch her with my whiskers.

The seats in which we were sitting were actually beds. When the professor stopped his lecture a moment while he tried to find something, Bonnie and I reclined on the bed. I folded my hands under my head so my arms stuck out on both sides. Bonnie snuggled up to me on my left and laid her head on my arm.

We began talking about the problem between us. Apparently, it had to do with my having found several bottles of alcohol at her house on her bookshelf. She had promised me that she was not going to drink any more. Then I had found a large bottle of red wine from which she had obviously been drinking. On the shelf below the wine was another fifth of some kind of yellow liquor. Two or three other bottles of partially consumed alcohol were also on the shelf.

We discussed the matter; she seemed to be in a somewhat reconciling mood. She propped up on one elbow and said she was going to see me on Sundays. I had thought about our relationship and realized we had been seeing too much of each other. It would probably be a good idea to only see each other once a week. However, I did not like the idea of her simply telling me when she was going to allow me to see her. I wanted to likewise have some say in the matter.

When it appeared the professor was not going to resume the class, we rose and left. Outside I saw the other students likewise leaving. We went to the parking lot and I realized we were in Portsmouth and the class had been in the Shawnee State University. When we were almost to the car, Bonnie exclaimed that she had forgotten her purse and her shoes and needed to go back for them. She turned around and ran back into the building. I went ahead and boarded the car and decided to pull around in front of the door and wait for her. I pulled around and parked.

Finally, I decided I needed to use the toilet and went inside myself. I went to the toilet and defecated. Just when I finished, I thought for some reason I must immediately leave, and without using the toilet paper or even pulling up my pants, I ran out of the toilet with my pants down around my knees. As I ran through the halls I saw some books on a shelf, some of which were copies of the United States Code. I needed a couple of volumes and grabbed them.

On my left I noticed an open door to a room with a light on. I could also hear someone coming down the stairs by the exit there.

I continued down the hall toward the door, hesitated, and thought maybe I should pull up my pants and stick the books down them. I had two books; I could stick one in the front and one in the back. I thought since I had not used any toilet paper after defecating, I might get some feces on the books if I stuck them down the back of my pants; but I felt clean and I did not think that would happen.

I returned to the book shelf, where I intended to stick the books in my pants. I noticed several books about memory on the bookshelf, one by NASA; on the front of the book was a picture of someone who seemed to be welding something. I began talking out loud to myself about how I wanted to learn all about improving my memory.

Someone giggled; an older woman and a younger girl were behind a little counter there. They raised up and told me they had seen me take the two books and had notified the security personnel to pick me up. If I had not returned to the bookshelf, the security people would have grabbed me by now. I stopped and realized it had probably been the security personnel whom I had heard coming down the stairs.

The women told me that because I had returned to the bookshelf, I could check out the books without incident. They had been impressed with what they had heard me saying out-loud about memory; they seemed unconcerned about the books.

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