Dream of: 10 November 1982 (3) "Zamba"

I was in front of (the big house I lived in in Waco at that time). A large man came along who began pushing me, wanting to fight with me. I quickly began using karate on him and clobbered him. After he got up and left, I sat down on my porch.

A large gold-colored leopard with black spots walked up. It also looked somewhat like a tiger. When it first walked up to me, I was afraid of it, but it seemed fairly tame, so I began petting it. It looked somewhat ragged, obviously living out on the streets. I befriended it until it finally went on its way.

I sat a while longer, until the same man returned. I walked out in front of my house and pushed him out of my way. He obviously wanted to fight again. He said, "Wait a minute," and called a friend of his.

I thought about how I had befriended the leopard, and that it would come to help me. I called the leopard "Zamba," and I hollered out, "Zamba!"

Neither the man's friend nor the leopard came. So the man and I began fighting and I quickly clobbered him for the second time. I saw a pile of manure on the ground. When I had the man on the ground, I grabbed his feet. I then turned him around so his face was right in the manure. I then began moving him back and forth. Finally, I let him go and he took off

I sat back down on the porch. A girl (about 6-7 years old) showed up. She seemed to be my sister (not my actual sister). A little mouse ran across the sidewalk in front of the house. She ran and grabbed the mouse. She said she was getting rid of all the mice in the world. She picked up the mouse, stuck its head in her mouth and bit it off. She spat out the head. She then stuck the mouse's body in her mouth and began sucking out the blood from the body.

I was completely disgusted. She finally threw the body down. Even though the body had no head, it ran around for a bit.

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