Dream of: 10 November 1982 (2) "Marionette"

I was sitting in the back of the practice court room at Baylor Law School. People were sitting beside me, although no one was behind me. A law student named Weaver was lecturing in front of the class. My girlfriend Louise, who was sitting in the row in front of me, stood up and began taking her clothes off. She took off her top first. The professor was obviously looking at her; besides the professor, I was the only student who had noticed what she was doing.

She then pulled down her skirt so that she was completely nude. She turned around so her back was toward the front of the class and bent over so her butt was pointed toward the professor.

She then stood back up, dressed and sat back down. Apparently the professor and I had been the only ones who had seen what she had done. The professor, who had become quite disconcerted by the matter, walked back to Louise and began giving a little talk which didn't have anything to do with his lecture.

He made it clear to the rest of the class that he had seen Louise do something, but apparently he thought he had been dreaming. I thought he was going to describe what had just happened; but he simply said he had seen Louise stand from her seat, turn around in a circle and walk back and forth in the aisle like a "marionette." I could tell Louise was relieved that the professor hadn't told the class what she had actually done; I was rather relieved myself. The professor seemed to be a decent fellow and it appeared he wasn't going to tell everyone what he had seen.

The class ended; Louise and I stood and walked outside. I was still surprised by what she had done. I began talking to her and she told me she had taken pictures of us when we had been having sex. That surprised me because I didn't know she had been taking pictures. I was beginning to think she was somewhat of an exhibitionist.

I remembered having seen advertisements in newspapers for bars in Dallas for "amateur nights" when ordinary women could go onto the stage, take off their clothes and dance. I had never been to one of the amateur nights, but began thinking maybe Louise could go to one. I could go with her; but I was uncertain I wanted to do that.

I began remembering how my old girlfriend Birdie and I used to get together with my old friend Mike Walls and his girlfriend. Birdie and I would have sex in front of them and they would have sex in front of us. I thought maybe Louise would like to do something like that. However, I quickly decided I didn't want to do anything like that, especially not with Walls.

I asked Louise if she had thought it was erotic when she had taken off her clothes in the classroom. I told her I had found it rather erotic myself.

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