Although my mother loved me, her fragile emotions undoubtedly hampered my love for her.

Dream of: 10 November 1982 "To Be Strong And Endure"

My mother, my sister and I had moved to a city which seemed like Chicago. We were living in a house which resembled a large two story house in which I had been living in Waco, Texas. My mother had been away for a while and when she returned to the house, she was practically in tears. She grabbed me and said she had been in a car wreck. She was uninjured, but the car had been completely demolished. She had already talked about it with my father. Apparently, he had the insurance on the car and he had told her he would give her $800 for the car. That also upset her. Apparently, she had been in another wreck before, and another insurance company was going to pay her $1,250. But my father's insurance company was only going to pay her $800. She was terribly upset. I asked her where the car was and she said it was in front of the house.

After I walked outside, I saw a wrecked car which wasn't hers. Then I saw her car, a black Rambler station wagon whose entire back end had been smashed in. The steering wheel was crunched up against the seat.

I climbed inside the front of the car and I was able to stand up because the seat had been taken out. Suddenly, the front wind shield caved in and scattered around my feet. I wasn't wearing shoes, although I did have on some socks.

My sister and my mother walked out of the house and began trying to pry open the car door so I could get out. In the process, they broke the door's window which also came crashing around my feet. Even though the glass wasn't cutting me, I began moaning. I just wanted to get out of the car and I was becoming nervous.

Finally, I did get out. My mother, my sister and I walked back onto the porch. A bunch of cats and dogs were on the porch and they wouldn't get off. Since I knew I had a certain rod in my closet which I could use to get rid of the animals, I walked inside to retrieve the rod. When I came back out, I first knocked a couple kittens off the porch, then I tried to knock off a dog, which grabbed my hand with its mouth. But it didn't break the skin and I was able to knock it off. I proceeded to get rid of all the cats and dogs.

I sat down and tried to decide what to do. My mother had previously been in two other accidents since we had been there, even though we had only been there two or three days. Now she wasn't going to have a car. I wondered if we should pack our bags and return to where we had come from. Perhaps we shouldn't stay in this city. But that sounded like giving up to me. I decided that sometimes a person just had to be strong and endure.

I was quite worried about my mother. I worried something was going to happen to her.

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