Dream of: 09 November 1982 "Feeling Uneasy"

I was lying in bed with Bonnie at her apartment in Waco. I had fallen asleep, but had then awakened feeling uneasy. Bonnie also awoke. I asked her if she had remembered to lock the front door; she said she had not. I told her I had locked one of the three locks on the door, but I had left the other two undone. I began thinking about how easy it would be for someone to use a little tool to unlock the door; I even imagined what such a tool would look like.

Suddenly, I thought I heard a noise in the living room, but nothing happened. I decided to rise and go lock the other locks. I walked to the bedroom door, opened it and threw my hands back with a scared look on my face. Bonnie saw me and became alarmed. I smiled: I had been fooling, trying to scare her.

I walked through the living room where I stepped on a newspaper we had left on the floor. Before I reached the front door I tried to turn on the hall lights by the door, but they would not work. Bonnie had followed me and she likewise tried the lights, but they did not work for her either.

I walked to the front door and began to put the chain lock in place. I could not seem to fit it into the hole. Suddenly, I felt pressure on the door from the outside. Somebody was trying to push it open and I stepped back in terror.

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