Dream of: 02 November 1982 "Tu Y Yo"

While walking along a street, I came to a gas station where a man had parked his car and was getting gas. The car was yellow, only about two meters long, and had only one seat. It appeared more like a go-cart. I walked up to the man just as he finished putting gas in the car. He looked at me, and said that just by looking at me, he could tell that I was interested in his car.

He began showing me the car. It had a stick shift with four gears, and he showed me how they worked. He showed me how to change a tire and showed me the spare tire, which was stuffed up under the rear of the car. The car had large, thick tires on it, but the spare was much smaller. The spare was also flat. He showed me that the car had a hand brake, which consisted of a stick which must be pulled to brake the car.

He asked me if I wanted to take the car for a ride. Apparently he wanted to sell the car. I wondered how much he wanted, and whether I would have enough.

I jumped into the car and began driving. I quickly discovered the brake didn't work well, although the car would eventually slow down. I stuck my left foot out the door and used my foot to slow the car down. I still had difficulty stopping the car, and at one point I had to run a red light.

I rode through city streets through a section of town where people walked all over the streets. I noticed some stores; in one was a sign which said something about crooks. As I drove past that store I saw many books in the window, and I could tell that they were all about crime.

Another store I passed had writing on its walls. Under words written in English were other words written in Spanish. I thought I saw the Spanish words "Tu y Yo." I couldn't tell what kind of store it was, but I thought it might be a Spanish book store. The song "Looking for love in all the wrong places" began going through my mind.

I passed another store which had a sign over it saying "Waffles," but it wasn't a waffle store. I thought a waffle store must have been there at one time, that it had been sold and some other store had been put in.

The street was crowded with pedestrians. I saw an area with no people and gave the car the gas to get through it, but suddenly some people appeared in front of me. Just as I swerved to miss them, I saw two little girls in front of me, and I ran right into one, clipping her leg. I immediately stopped the car and went to her. She was crying and I asked her if she was hurt. When she said, "Yes," I looked at her leg and saw blood on it. I told her we had to find a policeman.

A police car was on the street. As the girl walked toward it, her parents got out of the police car. They began examining her leg, which only had a superficial cut on it. I talked to them a while, trying to decide what to do about the whole matter.

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