Dream of: 26 October 1982 "The Leader"

My girlfriend Bonnie and I were sitting together on the grass in a park which seemed to be on the campus of Baylor University, although the campus also reminded me of the campus of Ohio University, Athens. Although Bonnie was fully clothed, I was completely nude. I felt strange being nude, and although Bonnie said nothing, I could tell she was embarrassed.

People were walking among the trees: a group of people was also sitting on the steps of a nearby building. Suddenly, Bonnie remarked, "If he just wouldn't keep looking at us."

I asked her who she was talking about and she indicated a fellow sitting in the group on the steps. She called him the "leader." I had seen the fellow around the Baylor campus before. He was an attractive fellow with blond hair; I knew that something about him did indeed make him a leader.

Bonnie and I began talking about him; suddenly I realized she had known him before she had met me, but she had never told me about him. I inferred they had had a fairly close relationship, but that it had never developed into anything.

I could tell the fellow was amazed by my being nude among so many people; Bonnie was obviously upset that he could see me nude. Finally, I said, "Well, why don't you just go over to him?"

I had not spoken spitefully, but I did think it would probably be better if she went to him and left me. She said she just wanted to talk with him for a minute and explain something to him. I thought it was a good idea for her to go talk with him. When she rose and went to him, I thought, "Now I'm just going to have to leave her and get away from her."

As soon as she walked over to him I rose and ran away through a grassy area until I was out of her sight. I ran off the campus, came to a field and hid behind some bushes. Some football players wearing purple uniforms came near the bushes and sat down in a group. I thought for a moment, sprang out of the bushes, and ran past them.

I was trying to reach my car so I could drive away. I knew I was never going to see Bonnie again. That thought made me unhappy, but I thought it was probably all for the best. I thought she liked the other fellow and now she would be able to be with him.

As I continued toward my car, it seemed to take a long time to reach it; when I finally reached the car, I found Bonnie waiting for me. I could not believe it at first. Still completely nude, I walked over to her and asked her why she stayed with me. She said, "Just never mind."

She said she did not want to stay with the other fellow. I said, "Why? Couldn't you?"

She acted as if he liked her and as if she could have stayed with him, but she simply did not want to. She wanted to be with me and there was no changing that; she was going to be with me no matter what. I told her I had thought I was never going to see her again. She let me know that it was not going to be that way at all and that she was going to be around.

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