Dream of: 25 October 1982 "Black And White"

While I was sitting down, professor Newton walked up, put his arm around me and asked me if I felt closer to him now. When I spoke, he couldn't hear me well; he put his cheek next to mine. I told him I did indeed feel close to him. I told him it was difficult for me to express, because I didn't feel that close to any other professors. He said he understood and he seemed nice about it. He suggested we meet somewhere later, in a place which seemed like a motel room.

After he left, I began thinking that it would be interesting if I arranged to have a couple of photographers hiding in the motel room, and that they could take his picture when he arrived which would make him look like a homosexual who had invited me to the motel room. As I thought more about it, I thought I could wait till Newton was in a compromising position. Then I could holler, "Now," and the photographers could jump out and start taking his picture.

I could actually see myself in a motel room and envisioned Newton walking in. The last collage I had made, one with two large flowers, was also in the room. I had been thinking about giving the collage to Newton. When Newton walked in, clearly he already knew about my plan. He said perhaps he shouldn't have been so kind to two neighbor boys who lived around him.

Just then the collage fell off the wall and many pictures came off. There was an inner circle of black and white pictures, and an outer circle of color pictures. Most color pictures had come off, although most black and white ones had stayed on. Many pictures were wrinkled. I might be able to press out the wrinkles, but that would distort the pictures. I picked up some pictures which had fallen off and I attempted to put them back on. Newton walked over and began helping me. He actually found some glue and tried to glue one picture back on. I told him it was a complicated process and it would be better if I did it myself. He said he understood.

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