Dream of: 28 September 1982 "The Right Research Word"

I was looking around a library in which a black man was trying to find out something from the librarian. The librarian told the black man that he, the black man, needed to go to another library which was presently closed. Another fellow here knew how to get into the closed library; but the black man didn't want to go there, even though the librarian offered to help him find what he needed in the closed library. The black man said he had been to the other library, but that it was inadequate for his research subject. The black man said he "could not find the right research word to put in the people's language."

I walked outside and thought I perceived either a river or bridge nearby. Louise was standing outside. She seemed upset, although I was unsure what the problem was. I began talking with her. Apparently the problem had something to do with my having asked her to fast with me. She said something about that being just like me. She said things had been going along just fine and just as soon as she opened up to me and expressed herself, I just turned around and slapped her in the face.

But something else was also involved and I wasn't entirely sure what all she was talking about. I tried to recall what had happened and remembered that she and I had had a discussion just before I had gone to sleep. I suddenly realized I was actually lying in bed and that Louise was lying beside me. When I felt her turn around toward me, I turned toward her, put my head on her shoulder and began nibbling on it.

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