Dream of: 21 September 1982 "Parasites"

I had gone to visit the home of my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel. The house was a rather modern one which reminded me somewhat of the House in Sciotoville (a ranch style house which my father had built in 1968 on a hill in Sciotoville, Ohio).

Mabel was not there; I had the feeling that she had died and that Clarence had inherited the house; but Clarence likewise was not there.

I walked into the living room which soon began filling with people whom I perceived to be relatives of Clarence and who seemed to be somehow related to his son, my step-uncle Ivan. The more I looked at them, the more I thought that they were only in-laws or step-relatives of Ivan and that their relation with Ivan was rather tenuous. They were a rather unsavory bunch. They were not dirty, but they seemed uncouth and several were rather overweight.

I wandered into the kitchen where someone had carried in a package of sweet rolls in an aluminum foil tray wrapped in plastic. It seemed there was little to eat in the house and it appeared that in general these people were parasites dissipating Clarence's wealth. Their behavior bothered me and I wondered if Clarence would force the people to leave if he returned home. As I looked around the kitchen, I wondered if any roaches were in the house. If roaches were there, I doubted any of these people would even bother to have them killed.

When I walked back into the living room, I found the people had left. In their place I found my lawschool friend Jon Wickizer standing shirtless in the middle of the room. Jon and I talked and the conversation turned toward law. He told me that he had been learning to do title searches and that he was planning to do title searches when he became a lawyer. I personally had no desire to do that kind of work (which seemed rather mundane to me), but I thought title work was at least a skill which he could learn and at which he could become proficient.

When Jon became rather nasty, I felt increasingly as if I wanted to get away and I had the distinct impression he was going to do something to hurt me. When he left the room to go outside, I was sure he was going to fetch something with which to injure me. Thinking now was a good opportunity to flee, I stepped out the back door.

I now realized that I was barefoot and that I would have difficulty leaving without shoes. I looked around; lying nearby was a pair of blue shoes which looked as if they might fit. They were plastic slip-ons and the material reminded me of a pair of my girlfriend Bonnie's shoes. I slipped them on and they fit. From outside, through the back window, I could see Jon had reentered the living room. Even though I thought he might be able to see me, I began running away.

The house was in the country and was surrounded by a forest. The land had been cleared in the direction in which I ran; to my left were piled trees and brush which had been cut down. A rather high steep bank was on the other side of the piles of brush. Wanting to reach a road beyond those piles, I kept running along the clearing looking for a chance to cross over to the road. Finally, I found such a spot, crossed over to the road, and ran along it.

I had only traveled a short distance when two girls rode up on a vehicle which resembled a motorcycle. After they stopped, I climbed onto a small seat on the side of the motorcycle and we rode off. When one girl commented about my shoes, I told them I had stolen them. Seeing that they were alarmed, I explained the circumstances of my escaping from Jon. I told them that Jon had stolen some things from me and that I was just getting back what belonged to me.

When they finally let me off, I boarded a bus which continued down the road. It looked like a school-bus inside; about a half dozen young girls (about 15 years old) were in it.

As we rode along, I looked out in front of the bus and was surprised to see that a large deep trench had been cut into the road. The trench was not across the road, but rather ran right down the middle. The trench was small at first and the bus driver drove over it with the left tires on the left side and the right tires on the right side. No problem; but the trench kept widening and widening. Unable to see the bottom, I was afraid it was quite deep. We continued racing along astraddle the trench, but clearly the trench was becoming so wide that the tires soon would not reach both sides.

The driver suddenly turned his wheels sharply to the left, obviously trying to make the right tires jump over to the left side of the trench. The bus veered to the left and the tires came off the right side. At first I thought the tires were going to make it across the trench, but then I heard the bottom of the bus hit the edge of the trench on the left side and the bus ground to a stop, hanging precariously over the trench. The right side was over the abyss and the left tires were still on the road on the left. We seemed to be tottering. Thinking we were about to fall into the chasm, I quickly told all the girls to move to the left side of the bus to balance the bus and keep it from falling.

The girls moved to the left, but to no avail. The bus tumbled into the trench. I was not really that frightened and I told the girls to be calm. The bus immediately fell on its right  side on the bottom of the trench, which was only about three meters deep. No one was injured. The bus lay on its side and we quickly climbed out the upper windows.

Once I was back on the road, I noticed another bus with mostly old people on it had pulled up. I thought maybe we could board it, but then I noticed the girls getting into a car which had pulled up. When the girls asked me if I wanted to go with them, I decided accompanying them might be best, and I climbed into the back seat.

Three or four of us were in the back seat and at least four in the front seat. The car was being driven by a young fellow. I put my arm around a black-haired girl sitting close to me. The black-haired girl changed places with one of the girls in the front seat and a different girl sat beside me, but she did not seem quite as friendly.

The girls talked about what they had been doing that day and the girl beside me said she had smoked marijuana for eight hours. Her remark grabbed my attention. Wondering if they might have some marijuana with them, I asked if they had any. When they all said they did not, I was a little disappointed, but then the girl sitting on the right side of the front seat pulled out a little crushed-up cigarette package and passed it back to the girl sitting next to me. She pulled a joint out of the package. I told them I had not smoked any marijuana in six or seven months.

The girl to my right put the joint in her mouth and turned to the girl next to her. That girl stuck something in her mouth and moved her teeth together, causing a flame to shoot out from between them. The girl with the joint in her mouth put the joint to the flame between the other girl's teeth and lit up.

It suddenly struck me that all the girls were under 17 years old and that smoking marijuana with them might be a serious violation of the law. I could not remember the law exactly, but I thought smoking with a minor was probably a felony. I leaned over the front seat and asked the driver, a rather scruffy-looking fellow, how old he was. I asked, "You are at least seventeen, aren't you?"

He said he did not know. I thought that was strange, but I concluded that he must be an orphan who had never been told when he had been born. The closer I looked at him, the surer I was that he was probably only about sixteen.

I then said, "Well, there's something I never mentioned to you all before. I'm a law student."

My statement seemed to startle everyone. They seemed to immediately become apprehensive that I might try to have them arrested, but I continued talking and expressed my fear of being arrested myself for smoking with minors. My explanation assuaged their fears.

When the joint came to me, I took a hit. A large piece of marijuana fell out the end of the joint and into my hand. I thought I would just put the piece of marijuana in my left shirt pocket and keep it for later. I thought I already had a little bit of hash or something in that pocket with which I could mix it.

After I stuck the marijuana in my shirt pocket, the girl next to me patted my shirt pocket. Something round was inside the pocket; she thought the object was a small container for drugs. I told her the object was only a little, flat can (about the size of a half dollar) of cold cream. It resembled a can which I had seen my girlfriend Bonnie have.

Suddenly, the driver said that a police car was behind us. I thought the police would surely catch me and my law career would be finished. We were close to the banks of the Ohio River somewhere near Portsmouth, a place where I had not wanted to go. We turned behind an old abandoned building and as soon as we were out of sight of the police car, I jumped from the car and ran toward the river, where brush and trees abounded. I hid and watched what happened.

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