Dream of: 11 September 1982 (3) "Torn up Inside"

When Donna Krebbs (a fellow law student) called and asked me if I could come over to see her, I told her I did not think I would be able to come. She asked me if she could come to see me instead. I said, "Well, Donna, what is it you want?"

She said she wanted to talk a little about law. I responded, "Donna, look. We know each other better than that. What is it you really want?"

She said that she just wanted to see me, that she was all torn up inside, that she just wanted to talk with someone. I listened to her, but I had already made up my mind that I did not want her to come over, and I tried to think of exactly how I was going to tell her. I was just going to have to tell her that I had met someone, Bonnie, whom I really cared about and who cared about me and that I did not think it would be a good idea if Donna came over. However, I wanted to tell her in a nice way so as not to hurt her in any way.

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