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Dream of: 11 September 1982 (2) "Taping over Dreams"

While in a room in Puerto Rico with several other people, most of whom were nude, I met a shapely, brown-haired girl who, although she seemed normal at first, I later learned was insane.

I fell asleep and when I awoke, the insane girl had picked up a fork and was trying to stab me in the chest with it. I jumped up and escaped into another room where I told someone the girl had been trying to stab me with a knife. When the person looked at me disbelievingly, I corrected myself and said, "No, it was a fork."

After I had changed my story from a knife to a fork, I did not know if the person was going to believe me at all.

I dressed and began talking about the insane girl to a black-haired woman who came into the room. The black-haired woman told me that the girl had spent most of her early life without a family, had been in mental institutions, and was quite ill. It was obvious to me something was wrong with her and I thought she was dangerous. I wanted to ascertain she was put away somewhere and I was very insistent about not wanting her there anymore; she must be taken somewhere.

The black-haired woman and I walked outside, boarded a car and rode away. As we rode along near a beach I saw a fellow standing along the side of the road. I could not remember exactly where I had seen him before, but his face looked familiar, and I knew he was also insane.

As we rode along, I could tell the black-haired woman liked me. It felt good being with her; I thought it would be enjoyable being around her at the law school in Puerto Rico where we were both students.

I suddenly awoke and realized I had been dreaming, I grabbed my tape player and began recording the dream. After I finished, Bonnie, who was sleeping beside me, awoke and said she had also had a dream. She turned on the tape recorder and recorded her dream. I heard her while she was recording, but I did not understand her well.

After she finished, I told her I wanted to play her dream back and listen to it. I rewound the tape, but when I turned it on to play back, the voice of my brother Chris (1957-1974) instead of Bonnie's. Apparently, Chris was lying somewhere in a bed and said he needed someone to help him do something. As soon as I heard his voice I became choked up inside, almost convulsive. I had not heard Chris's voice in such a long time. I wanted Bonnie to hear it, but I was unsure I should let her see just how his voice was affecting me. It was moving me practically to tears. I said to her, "That's Chris's voice on there."

After listening a while, I realized the voice was not actually Chris's, but my voice. Apparently, I had had a dream earlier about Chris and when I had recorded it, I had made my voice sound like Chris's.

We listened to it for another minute until I thought I began to find Bonnie's dream. I began rewinding and going forward on the tape player. When I would press a little switch on the tape player, one track would play and when I would push the switch over a little farther to the left, another track would play.

As I pushed the switch back and forth I was able to hear two different dreams. First, I listened to a segment of one dream and then switched over and listened to a segment of another dream, but I still could not find Bonnie's dream. I began wondering if all my tapes were like this one and whether I had been taping over dreams. I remembered I had been typing up some of my dreams after listening to them on tape and I thought I would have to check back through the tapes because a whole new set of dreams might be there which I did not even know about. I continued trying to find Bonnie's dream. Finally, I looked at her and said, "I can't seem to find it on here. I want to find it and find out what your dream is."

She said that it did not make much difference anyway and that it had had something to do with "realty concerns."

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