Dream of: 11 September 1982 "Butter On Peanut Butter"

Weinstein and I were spending the night at the Gallia County Farmhouse. No one else was here. We were both going to sleep in the downstairs bedroom and were both lying nude on the bed. It became quite late and Weinstein and I became rather frightened.

Finally Weinstein rose from the bed and began handling some jars which were in the room. There were six of the jars. One of the jars contained peanut butter, one contained butter and another contained honey. Weinstein set the honey jar in front of the peanut butter jar. He then laid the butter jar on top of the peanut butter jar so that it was supposed to resemble someone riding a horse.

Weinstein asked me what I though about it and I said, "That's really disgusting."

As we were standing here we heard a car go by. It was dark outside and no lights were on in the Farmhouse. I walked to the window and watched the car go by.

We lay back down in the bed. Cars passed by a couple more times and each time we would become frightened, rise from the bed and watch the cars pass. Finally about 5 o'clock in the morning a car came from the west, passed the House and drove down to the bend in the road on the east side of the House. I saw the cars tail lights as it went past and told Weinstein it was OK. But then I saw a light at the bend of the road and said, "Oh no. That car has stopped up there at the curve of the road. It pulled over."

Weinstein exclaimed, "Pulled over!"

Weinstein became terrified; I was really frightened myself. I said, "Yea. Watch it for a minute."

I ran into the next room to put on some pants. After I had the pants on I returned to the bedroom and saw that the car had turned around and was coming back toward the House. I tried to think what we should do. We could hide here. But I thought perhaps we should run outside so we could run up over the hill. I thought what we really needed was a small hand gun so I could shoot at whoever was in the car if they tried to bother us.

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