Dream of: 06 September 1982 (2) "Charred Debris"

I had moved into a house located on the same lot as, and similar to, the House in South Shore, Kentucky (a four room cottage in South Shore, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Portsmouth, in which I lived for about a year when I was in the fifth and sixth grades); I was in the process of remodeling it inside.

Someone came to the back door and when I answered it, I found Peeler Williams (a law school professor) standing outside. He stepped into the kitchen carrying a long, fuzzy, stuffed, blue snake which he apparently had won at a fair somewhere. I inferred that he wanted to store the snake there with me; I told him I did not have room for it.

As he and I walked through the house, I remembered a back room which probably had room for storage. We walked into the back room. I told Peeler it would be all right to leave the snake there and he threw it into a corner. We returned to the kitchen; I opened the back door for him, and as he was preparing to leave, I asked, "Well, would you like a cup of coffee or a cup of tea?"

I did not think he would, but he turned around, walked back in, and said, "Yes."

He sat at a table, talked for a while and wanted to know who was living with me. Actually, my girlfriend Bonnie and I had moved into the house and were fixing it up. We planned for her to continue living there with me once the repair work was completed, but I did not want to tell Peeler all that and I evaded his questions. Peeler stayed for a while and finally left.

A short while later my paternal step-grandfather Clarence Stevens and my paternal grandmother Mabel Stevens came in and sat at the table. I did not have much in the house to eat, but I decided to fix a small meal for them of what I had. Bonnie and I put some food on the table, sat down, and began eating. We made toast out of the only piece of bread we had in the house; it lay on a plate while we were eating until I finally asked, "Well, nobody's going to eat this one piece of toast because there's just one piece?"

I took the toast off the plate and cut it into four pieces. It had a rather odd shape so I had to make irregular cuts to make sure everyone received the same amount. We each took a piece. Bonnie had put something into some small glasses on the table to make muffins. Apparently, the muffins did not need to be cooked, but were in the process of making by simply sitting on the table.

We talked for a while and the conversation turned to stocks. I told them I had bought ten shares of a stock and had paid $20 a share for it. I had bought it because I had been talking to Ed Horner (a law professor) on the phone and he had recommended that if I had a little money, I should buy that particular kind of stock. I thought the stock had been doing well, but I was unsure. Clarence and Mabel however did not think the stock was doing well. I said, "Well, I'll just look it up in the newspaper."

They had brought a newspaper with them. I took it, laid it on the table in front of me, and began looking in the index for the business section, but I could not find it anywhere. Nor could I find stocks in the index. Then I noticed a listing of American Stock Exchange stocks in the left corner of the paper. I began looking at the listing, saw that it was continued on another page, and intended to turn to that page, but someone walked into the room and distracted me. A second man also walked into the room from the front part of the house. I jumped up from the table, ran over to him, put my hand on his arm, and asked, "Who are you?"

I abruptly realized he was the electrician working in the front of the house; we walked out of the room into the front of the house. He then walked out the front door and I looked around in the room where he had been working on installing some lights. I clicked the light switch to see if the lights worked, but they did not. Apparently, the electrician was still repairing them. After I clicked the switch a couple times, I could not remember which way I had found it. I was hoping the electrician had not gone to the basement to work with the electrical wires; if I had clicked the switch the wrong way he might have been shocked. I turned around and walked back into the kitchen.

Clarence and Mabel had moved to a couple of different chairs in the kitchen. I saw that another man had come in the back door; at first I thought he was the man who owned the house. I began thinking about the amount of rent I had to pay: about $200. Even though I might have to go out and get a job to pay the rent, I was determined I wanted to stay. It was a nice little house and I liked it. I wanted to make the most of it.

I began to introduce the man to Clarence and Mabel, but in their place were now some people whose last names I could not remember, but I thought it was something like "Milam" or "Sheets.: Since I did, however, know their first names, I introduced them that way. I then realized the man who had come in was not the owner of the house, but was actually Matt Dawson (a law professor), although I could not remember his name either. I just knew who he was. So I just introduced everyone without actually using names and they all shook hands.

After Dawson had looked around the room, he and I stepped out back. He likewise could not remember the names of the people to whom I had introduced him and he said in German, "Ich kenne sie als Milam."

We talked about it for a minute and concluded that their last name was actually Sheets and not Milam. Apparently, their name had been Milam before.

As we looked around at a large building across the street, Dawson said something which sounded like, "You shouldn't bet on Cab Cabby."

I was unsure what he was talking about. I looked around and noticed a group of people nearby riding horses which were decked in bright harnesses and frills. Apparently, something such as a Labor Day parade was scheduled. The horses pranced about and I thought perhaps there had also been a race and Dawson had been referring to a certain horse when he had made his cryptic statement. Perhaps I could have won some money if I had bet on a particular horse.

My sister came out of the house and I realized it had actually been she, and not Bonnie, with whom I had been living. Since my sister and I could not actually marry because we were brother and sister, we had simply moved into the house together. I was unsure what Dawson would think about my living with her.

My sister, Dawson, and I walked to the lot behind the house and came to a large log building. It seemed that at one time in the past I had been in that building.

Actually, two buildings were there facing each other. On this special parade day, the buildings had been opened up and small commercial booths had been put in them.

We walked around a bit until finally Dawson and my sister sat down and began talking with each other. Dawson put his arms around my sister as if he were comforting her and she put her arms around him. I was standing behind Dawson and when my sister put her arms around his back, I noticed she was wearing nail polish.

I began walking back toward the house and began thinking I did not really love my sister. I could not imagine my living with her. Obviously I could not marry her, but apparently I had placed myself into the predicament and I was somehow going to have to endure. I doubted people would understand.

As I came closer to the house, I looked for a while at a large pile of charred debris nearby. It appeared that a building had burned down.

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