Dream of: 05 September 1982 "Great American Novels"

I was engaged with some other people in some kind of competition at Baylor Law School. A large electronic board listed the names of the people in the competition. The people in the competition had run a race against each other, and the results of the race were now being posted on the board. I watched as the figures on the board changed until all the results were completed. I noticed Davis' (a fellow law student) name on the board. Nine people had taken part in the race; I had come in fourth. Satisfied with the results, I went on about my business.

I began thinking about the time I had first gone to Baylor Law School, before I had transferred to the University of Puerto Rico Law School. I remembered that during that time I had gone to class naked several times. I had a specific memory of having once talked with Leah (a fellow law student) in the library while I had been completely naked from the waist down, but the more I thought about it, the more uncertain I was that my memories were correct. It seemed as if the events had occurred, but I was unsure. I thought if I had done that, I probably would have been arrested. Then I thought, "No, maybe they had just been lenient there at the school, and they had let me go ahead and do it."

I encountered Terry (another fellow law student) in the hall and began talking with him. I asked him if he had ever noticed anything strange about anything I had ever done. He said yes, that the whole class had thought it very strange how I used to be naked. He said that one time George Washington had been there, and I had stood naked in the hall talking with George Washington. I thought, "Well, apparently I did used to come to school naked."

We next spoke of my friend Jon. Terry said Jon had once come to school with a large hole in the tee shirt he had been wearing. Jon had been called to the dean's office just for that. Another time Jon had gone to school with overalls, but with no shirt. Again he had been called to the dean's office for that. I thought it was strange that I was allowed to run around naked.

I continued to ponder the matter. It seemed so strange that I had gone to school naked, but apparently it was true. I wondered what professor Dohoney would have thought if she had seen me. Then I thought she probably had seen me, that everyone had seen me. They had just accepted that I was somewhat strange. Apparently, no one held it against me.

I ran into Julie (a fellow law student) in the hall. She was quite friendly and wanted to talk with me.

I went on to class. The professor wasn't yet here. I sat down and a blonde girl with glasses sat down next to me on my left. Another girl sat next to me on my right. When the professor came in, I realized I didn't want to be as close to the front as I was, and I moved a couple rows back. Then I moved again to another seat. This time Peggy Walker (a junior high school classmate) was sitting on my right, and Weitz (another fellow law student) was sitting on my left. Clifford (another junior high school classmate) was sitting in a seat in the row ahead of me. I thought Clifford and Peggy were married, although I wasn't quite sure. I talked to Peggy a bit. It was good to see her again.

When the class began, it was in Spanish and being taught by professor Pasalacua (a law professor from the University of Puerto Rico), who also seemed a bit like professor Wendorf. He had assigned the students to read a little book called Great American Novels. The book contained condensed synopses of different American novels. He began asking questions. Almost no one, including myself, had read the assignment. However, one girl in the left front of the class seemed to know what was going on.

I liked Pasalacua; I began thinking how strange it was to see him here. I thought his learning of Baylor through me when I had been in Puerto Rico was partially the reason why he had come to Baylor. Apparently, he had simply applied to teach at Baylor and then had come up.

The seat where I had been sitting between the two girls in front was still empty. Perhaps it had been rude of me to get up and move the way I had. Actually, I thought the girl who had sat beside me might have even liked me. I hadn't even considered that it would be rude of me to move the way I had.

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