Dream of: 02 September 1982 "Complete Strangers"

Jon and I had gone to a state park near Kerrville, Texas which we had visited together once before. We arrived early in the morning, pulled up to the campsite and parked our car in about the same place where we had been the last time. We planned to get a cabin later. Two girls in a large, blue van soon pulled up nearby, got out of the van and sat down at a picnic table with us. We all talked for a while.

Finally, Jon, who wasn't wearing a shirt, jumped up and began running around. I thought he was going to run over to the office to see about getting a cabin. I told him not to become excited, that we could drive the car to the office and that we didn't want to overdo it by running over there.

He came back and we boarded his car. We drove off and he began talking with me. It became obvious that he wanted us to get together with the two girls; he tried to persuade me to go along with the idea. But I didn't really want to because I kept thinking about Louise, whom I apparently had simply left for the weekend. Although the idea of getting together with one of the girls appealed to me, I didn't see how I was going to be able to do so without telling Louise. If I were with one of the girls, I would be unable to return to Louise and lie to her. I would have to tell her about it.

Jon began talking about drinking alcohol and said, "We're going to have to get some beer."

I said I didn't want to do that either. Again I began thinking about Louise; I thought Louise and I had promised each other that we were not going to drink alcohol. But then I thought, "Well, Louise broke that promise twice."

I had never broken the promise, but I didn't want to break it now. If I broke the promise, I would likewise have to tell Louise about that.

We finally reached the office, walked into a small room and told a man there we wanted a cabin. I thought there was some kind of student rate for cabins of $18 apiece. But the man said the cabins were going to cost $38. I thought, "$38!"

I didn't know whether I was going to be able to pay that much. I asked the man if he had a student rate on cabins; he said there might be one left. But he was unsure and said we would have to return a little later to find out. The cabin with the student rate would indeed only be $18.

We left, returned to the spot where we had been and found two additional girls there. They were obviously all quite available. They had all come to the area to party and clearly wanted to drink alcohol. I began thinking, "Well, we could all just get drunk and have a big party and probably all go to bed."

But I simply couldn't make up my mind to do that. If I had sex with one of the girls I would have to tell Louise. Then I thought, "Well, I might catch some disease from one of these girls."

I thought again about drinking alcohol and again thought how I would have to tell Louise about it. But then I thought, "Well, since she did it twice, she surely wouldn't be able to say too much if I did it once."

Jon was still talking about buying the beer and I said, "Look you're going to have to drive all the way to Uvalde."

Beer wasn't allowed in the camp area and Uvalde was a city about 50-60 kilometers away. But Jon said it might be possible to buy the beer from someone around here, from someone who had smuggled it into the camp area.

Finally, Jon and I found out that the cabin was available and we returned to the office. We entered what appeared to be a living room and a man told us they had a cabin for us for $18. While the man walked into the next room to get something, I began looking through a box which had some old issues of Time and Newsweek in it; I thought I would like to have the magazines to cut out pictures for collages.

A woman entered the room and I stood up because I didn't think she was happy with my going through the magazines. I saw a new Time magazine lying on a shelf and picked it up. It had a story on the cover about Moscow. I also seemed to hear a radio in the background talking about Moscow, where there apparently had been some change in leadership.

The radio also mentioned something happening in Romania. Apparently the Romanians were somehow protesting against the regime in Moscow.

As I looked through the magazine, the man sat down and said the cabin would cost $18. Jon wrote out a check for $9. I didn't have a check and said, "I'm going to pay cash. Will that be all right?"

The man answered, "Yea."

I looked through my billfold, pulled out five ones and laid them on the couch. Then I picked one back up. Three of the ones left lying were straight and one was folded. I pulled out a five dollar bill and laid it on top the ones. The man picked up the money and said it was correct.

While I had been counting out the money, I had laid the magazine I had been reading on a table. When I rose I remembered I should put the magazine back where I had found it and picked it back up. I then noticed I had stuck a black felt pen inside it while I had been reading it and thought, "Well it's a good thing I remembered to pick it up and put it back or I would have forgotten my pen."

Jon and I prepared to leave and said good-bye and thank you. As I walked out I thought how often in life I had casually met people like that for a quick business purpose or some other reason, and I didn't really stop and pay any attention to them. I just came in and then left. If I ever really needed someone for help, those people would just be complete strangers to me. I thought about how a person really needs friends sometimes on whom he can depend. Jon and I walked out and left.

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