Dream of: 28 August 1982 "Knife Fight"

Around 3 a.m., Louise and I were walking around on the walkway of an enclosed shopping mall (apparently somewhere in Mexico City, Mexico) which had little stores on both sides. It had become very late and since no one else was around, I began to be apprehensive. I thought it was so late that no taxis would even be available for us. I began talking to Louise about it.

A fellow opened a door at the end of the walkway; I watched him as he walked toward us. He was well-dressed in a black suit-jacket and a white shirt. He seemed a little confused, as if not quite sure exactly what was going on. He reached us and, speaking English, asked if a hotel was nearby. He apparently was in the same situation as we and also knew it was late at night and becoming dangerous. When I was unable to help him, he walked over to a nearby bench and sat down.

I continued talking to Louise and told her I thought I had seen a sign for a hotel in the mall. I said, "Well, Louise, we're just going to have to get a hotel room. It'll cost thirty dollars."

She exclaimed, "Thirty Dollars! We can't pay thirty dollars for a hotel!"

I replied, "Look it's better to pay thirty dollars tonight than for you to get your face all cut up out there on the street and have to pay a thousand dollars to get it fixed tomorrow."

She answered, "Yea, you're right now that I think about it."

"Look," I continued, "there aren't even any taxis around here."

While pondering what to do next, we walked over and sat down on the same bench where the other fellow had sat. Another person had also walked up and was now sitting on the fellow's left. I sat on the fellow's right and Louise sat down on my right.

The fellow began talking again, but his English was poor and I had difficulty understanding him. He seemed to be a nice fellow and I began to form the idea that he might want to share a hotel room with us. We might be able to get a room with a couple beds. He could sleep in one and Louise and I could sleep in the other. But I was unsure that was what he wanted.

I somehow thought Louise was going to object to the whole idea. At first I thought she didn't have a good reason for objecting, but then I thought she might have a point; I really didn't know the fellow well.

The fellow took off his coat and laid it between us. As I continued talking to Louise, I noticed he was feeling around for something close to my left leg rather close to my butt, but I wasn't quite sure what he was doing. I moved around and then suddenly thought, "He's taken my wallet."

I turned around so my back was toward Louise and said, "Louise, feel back there and see if my wallet is still in my pocket. I think this guy has taken it."

She felt my pocket and my billfold was still there. I turned back around, but still kept watching the fellow. He began reaching again and I knew for sure he was trying to get my billfold. I made a quick move to get away from him, but he suddenly reached into his pocket, jerked out a knife and lunged at me with it. I quickly grabbed him and we tumbled from the bench. Louise stood up as the fellow and I began fighting. We twisted around so he was in front of me with his back to me holding the knife in front of him. I was afraid he had been in this kind of situation before and would know how to flip me over his shoulders and stab me with the knife. I held on for dear life.

I wondered if I should begin hollering to Louise for help. I was unsure whether I should involve her in the fight because she might get hurt. I didn't want to be killed myself, but I still didn't know whether to holler.

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