Dream of: 25 August 1982 "Flying Saucer Visit"

Another person and I were walking together on a road. As we talked, I noticed a round, flying saucer pass overhead. When the ship stopped right above me and focused a beam on me, I began rising in the air. I enjoyed the ride up as I floated toward the ship. An opening appeared in the bottom of the ship, and I floated through it. Everything seemed to be perfectly synchronized so I came right into the bottom of the space ship.

The interior seemed to consist of one fairly large round room about 10 meters in diameter. A man, a woman and a child were inside. I was apprehensive, unsure of what they wanted from me. Perhaps they were going to kill me. However, they seemed friendly and I concluded they weren't going to harm me, at least not right now. I thought they were simply going to transport me somewhere.

Looking around to see what they had, I noticed quite a few books along the walls, and I thought I also saw some animals. On one side the room was a window on which a turtle was running frenetically back and forth and around in circles. I thought they probably had also picked up the turtle on earth.

I pulled out one thin book, which appeared to be a National Geographic, except that it was hardbound. I opened the book and saw some pretty pictures of flying cranes on one page. I noticed what appeared to be pigeon dung on the cover of the book, as if the book had been left in a garage for a while. Apparently the space people had picked it up somewhere. I noticed the language wasn't English. It looked as if it might be Czechoslovakian, but I was unsure.

One of them began talking about an American writer who lived around the time of the Civil War. Either he wrote playful cartoons or people wrote cartoons about him. The woman talked about him, but couldn't remember his name. When the child said a name, the woman said, "No, that's not who I'm thinking of."

I said, "Charles Dickens?"

She said, no, it wasn't Charles Dickens. She knew who Dickens was and apparently she held him in high esteem.

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