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Dream of: 13 August 1982 "Lazy Day"

I was carrying my flute in a place housed many electronic games. I walked over to one game, laid my flute down, and after sticking a quarter in the game, began playing. Through a small hole I could look into a field where the game took place. Two buttons were on the side of the machine. It was a war game. When the buttons were pressed, a ship would attack some other objects.

Although I didn't completely understand how the game functioned, it began and I started pressing the buttons. On the screen I could see figures running and shooting electronic beams, which would hit other objects and explode. Although I didn't understand what I was doing, I was apparently winning, because I could hear bells ringing indicating my success. I could also see a scored board which showed my score increasing. When the game finally ended, I had a high score and apparently had won and extra game.

I looked more closely at the sides of the game and saw about a half dozen other switches and buttons on each side of the board. Although I didn't understand them either, I thought if I clicked them, different games would come on. I clicked a couple, and each time the scene on the board changed. However, even though I thought I had won an extra game, I couldn't get the game to begin again.

A boy (about 10 years old) walked up carrying a flute. Thinking the flute was mine, I reached out to grab it, but he pulled back. Looking more closely, I saw that the flute had a different name from mine, and that it wasn't my flute. I asked, "Well, can I see that for a minute?"

He hesitated, but finally said, "Okay."

He let me have the flute. I stepped back from the game and put the flute to my mouth. But then I noticed the screw which fits into the end of he head piece was loose. I took it out and stuck it in my pocket. I tired to play, but since I didn't get a good sound, I started to put the screw back. As I did so, I looked inside the flute and saw what appeared to be many small mechanical devices inside the flute. I tried to play the flute again, but finally just handed it back to the boy.

Looking around the room, I realized I was in the House in South Shore, Kentucky (across the Ohio River from Portsmouth, a four room cottage where I lived for about a year when I was in the fifth and sixth grade). I looked out the window and saw Leah walking toward the House. When she walked into the room, I saw that she was very pregnant. She came over to me and we began talking. She came so close to me that we soon had our arms around each other, and I noticed I was standing on her feet. However, even though I was standing on her feet, I was still much shorter than she. When I asked her how tall she was, she said she was only about five seven. I said, "Well, Leah, you're so much taller than me."

I tried to raise myself up, but couldn't go past her stomach. Finally, I said, "Leah, my eyes can only see into your navel."

Finally, however, I was able to raise my face up to her face. When our faces were close together, I began to feel she was becoming sexually aroused. I thought, "Well, she probably hasn't had sex with her husband for quite a long time since she's pregnant. Well, I don't think I should have sex with her right now because she's pregnant, but if I get a hold of her before her husband does after she has her baby, maybe we could have sex then."

She leaned back close to the window. She said she was so lazy today that she didn't feel like doing anything. I suddenly remembered I was going to have a test the very next day, and that I should be studying for it. I said, "Yea, I feel the same way. I just feel so lazy today that I can't do anything."

Our faces were still very close. I moved even closer and began kissing her. She offered no resistance. I put my hand on one of her breasts and began squeezing. She didn't stop me, and we continued kissing.

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