Dream of: 11 August 1982 (2) "Playing the Cello"


I had bought a used cello and a used viola and had lugged them to the House in Patriot. I set the cello up, examined it and decided I had made a good purchase. The problem was that I did not know how to play the instruments. One of the metal strings had come loose at the bottom of the cello, but it was still fastened at the head. I loosened one of the screws at the bottom and then tightened the screw back down on the loose string. After I had finished, however, the string was still loose. I saw another screw, loosened it, stuck the string under it, and then screwed it back down. The string then seemed taut.

I raked a tiny, little bow across the strings to test them. It made a pleasant sound. All the strings appeared to be in place and the instrument appeared ready to be played.

Haim Habib walked in through the kitchen door and came over to the living room part of the room where I was. He apparently had just recently returned from England. I was happy to see him. He seemed like a real friend. He sat down on a couch and we began talking. Apparently, he had been working rather hard lately and he seemed to be quite absorbed in the work he had been doing. He acted as if he needed some way of releasing his spiritual energies other than just work, but he did not seem to know quite what to do. I thought about suggesting that we join together again and have a dream discussion group to talk about our dreams, but I was unsure whether we should do that.

Bonnie walked into the kitchen part of the room. I thought how our previous dream group had consisted of only Bonnie, Haim, and me. The situation had changed dramatically since Haim had been away. I was unsure whether I should tell Haim I was now in love with Bonnie.

I showed Haim the small viola I had bought; he called it a "desk." That made me recall that I had previously heard someone else call it a desk and I had not quite been sure what that had meant. Apparently, the word "desk" was a name for that particular instrument.

When Haim indicated that he was about to leave, I asked him to stay because I wanted to play the cello for him. After Bonnie walked from the kitchen over to the couch where Haim was and sat down, I took my little bow and began playing the cello. The sounds which came from it were absolutely beautiful. I haphazardly hit the strings as I raked the bow across them, but not a false note was hit. The sound was unplanned, simply a series of beautiful notes. As I continued playing and the beauty of the notes inspired me, I began racing quickly with the bow. The part of the bow which touched the strings looked something like a rubber band. Once, as it skidded across the strings, it became tangled and twisted in itself and I had to stop and straighten it out.

I began playing again; but instead of strings being on the cello, there were now rows of what looked like small, plastic, artificial grapes of all different colors. There were rows of red, yellow, blue, green, and other colored grapes. Now instead of raking the bow across the strings I simply hit the grapes with the bow. A beautiful sound came out which thoroughly enthralled me.

I stopped for a moment and looked at Haim. He said the music was absolutely beautiful. He seemed to be almost as enthralled with it as I was. As Haim raved about the music I myself was quite amazed.

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