Dream of: 31 July 1982 "Animal Skulls"

My mother, my brother Chris, other members of my family and I were in the Gallia County Farmhouse. My mother and I had been talking about some animal skulls which were buried on the Farm. My mother was of the opinion that the skulls were somehow going to come back to life. As I listened to her talk, I also became convinced that the skulls would return to life.

I looked out the window to the road in front of the Farmhouse, saw some of the skulls rolling on the road, and realized we were all going to be attacked by the skulls. I said, "Well, we're going to have to put stuff in front of the windows to barricade ourselves so they can't get in."

I told Chris to put stuff in front of the windows, and I also began pilling things up. I was worried the skulls might be able to break down the doors, or might even somehow come through the attic.

I looked out on the road again; now hundreds of skulls were piling up on the road and I realized they were rolling toward the Farmhouse. Soon they started to roll up the hill toward the house.

As I watched them come toward the Farmhouse, I realized they weren't skulls, but sheep. At first I thought they were the skeletons of sheep, but then I saw that they were alive and had wool on them. I hollered to my mother, "Look they're coming and they've got wool on them!"

When they finally reached the windows of the Farmhouse, I saw that they weren't sheep, but small children. They looked as if they were black children. All I could see was the top of their heads banging against the double windows. Finally they broke one of the outer windows. I picked up a pot and told the other members of my family to pick up pots. Suddenly I smashed the pot through the window and began bashing the heads of the children. Every time I would smash a head, it would fall back, and another one would advance. The other members of my family also began smashing heads with pots. But I saw the children's heads in all the windows; there were so many, it was hopeless.

As I continued smashing, I told one of my relatives to stand back because I was afraid I was going to hit him in the head. Even though I realized there were too many heads, and my actions were futile, I continued to furiously to hit them. I knew I had to keep trying.

One of the children reached inside and grabbed the hair of the head of one of my relatives. I smashed the child's hand and he let go. My relatives and I then continued smashing heads.

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