Dream of: 27 July 1982 "Taken Hostage"

I was at Baylor Law School in a gymnasium crowded with people. As I stood behind a counter, I saw a man (about 30 years old) walk into the room and begin threatening everyone with a gun. When Randle (a law student) walked into the room, the man grabbed Randle and said he was going to take Randle hostage. I hollered out, "No, No. Don't take him."

The man asked threateningly, "Well do you want me to take you instead?"

I answered firmly, "Yes."

He said, "All right."

I climbed over the counter and approached him. He had blond hair and had about the same build as me. He said, "Come on."

As he was taking me out of the room, I noticed a curved knife with a red handle lying nearby. He didn't see me as I grabbed the knife and stuck it down the back of my pants. Outside, we got into a car and drove off. He handed me a tiny, unloaded gun, while he kept his large, long-barreled gun in his hand.

As we rode along, the man seemed quite nervous. I wondered what he was trying to accomplish, and I thought he might be trying to escape from something. I began talking to him, trying to calm him down. When I asked him if he had ever been in jail, and he said he had been there for five years, I knew he had to be a hardened person. I told him I had once been in jail for eight months.

As we drove through a country area, I realized he wanted to commit some kind of crime. I knew we had passed a drug store. I thought we might be able to hold it up, but I didn't say anything, and we continued along.

A car passed us. A man was driving with two women sitting in the front seat. The woman in the middle was very attractive. I thought, "Well, maybe we could capture those people."

But I quickly decided we wouldn't do that. He might do something nefarious to them. I thought they might even be going to church.

Finally we began talking of what he had done to be sent to jail. He didn't say exactly, but said he had committed crimes in southern England and in southern Ohio. I looked at him and exclaimed, "Southern Ohio!? Where at in southern Ohio?"

He replied, "In Rio Grande."

Again incredulously, I yelped, "Rio Grande!? That's where I'm from."

He looked at me disbelievingly. I continued, "I lived about five miles from Rio Grande."

I asked him what he had done and he said something about a liquor store. I had the impression that he had held up a liquor store. I tried to recall if I had heard of any crimes having been committed in Rio Grande. Apparently he had been involved in a chase after the crime. I couldn't remember having ever read about anything like that.

Unexpectedly he handed me his gun and said I could have it. I asked, "Well, it's not loaded, is it?"

He responded, "Yea, it's loaded."

I was suspicious of his actions. I could see bullets in the barrel. He told me to point it out the window and shoot at something. As we drove by a car, I thought of shooting at it, but I didn't. We kept driving, as I tried to decide what to shoot. I thought I could turn the gun on him and shoot him. But I thought, "Well, what if something's wrong and he's just saying this?."

Finally we pulled up along the road where two farmers where in a field next to a hill. We got out of the car and walked toward the farmers. When the man strayed away from me, I approached the farmers and whispered, "You've gotta help me. This guy's a convict."

I showed them my gun and added, "You've gotta help me capture him."

One farmer said he didn't want to have anything to do with it. I pointed the gun at a nearby barn and pulled the trigger. I shot. I pulled the trigger and the gun shot again. I could see that something had hit the barn. I saw that I still had some bullets, and I concluded that the gun functioned and that I could use it again. I turned around and saw my kidnapper. I pointed the gun at him and told him not to move. When he disobeyed me and began moving, I pulled the trigger and shot him.

Only now did I see that it wasn't a bullet which came out, but a small pellet. It hit the man and splattered on him. I then realized when the pellets had hit the barn, they hadn't made holes, but had splattered against the side of the barn.

After I had shot two or three pellets at my captor, he looked at me disdainfully, as if he were disappointed in me. I began to realize he had fixed the gun so only pellets instead of bullets were coming out. I thought I was really in trouble, especially since the farmers weren't going to help.

Fearing that he was again going to try to capture me, I began running through the field. I leaped head first over a barbed wire fence. I looked back and saw the man still standing in the same place. I saw a culvert under the road and I thought about hiding there. But instead I ran around the side of the hill. I saw that the man was headed back to his car and I thought he was probably going to retrieve a gun. My mind raced as I tried to think of how to get away.

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