Dream of: 24 July 1982 "Two Endings"

A retarded boy (about 15 years old) was thinking something had happened to his mother, and he was trying to get help for her. He walked onto the front porch of his house just as a blond-haired man (about 20 years old) walked by. The boy hollered at the man and made it known that he was worried about his mother, but the man walked on.

Later that day the man again walked by the house, and the retarded boy again tried to attract the man's attention. This time the man walked into the house. The boy wanted the man to call someone on the phone to get help. The man picked up the phone and dialed a number. The man began explaining to someone on the phone that he was a student at the university. He explained that the boy had been bothering him on his way to school, and that he wanted someone to come and take the boy away.

All the while the boy was listening, understanding what the man was saying. Finally, the boy grabbed the phone from the man and began talking clearly into it. He said he needed someone to come and help his mother.

The person on the phone apparently had heard of the boy before. The person found out where the boy lived, and said he would be right over.

Several days later, the boy's mother was in the home. She had been helped and then brought back to the home. Now she was safe and well. Apparently, she was also rich. While the mother had been away, another woman, a member of the family, was supposed to be taking care of the boy. But when the mother inquired where the boy was, the woman admitted that he was now staying in a mental hospital. Obviously the person to whom the boy had talked on the phone had sent someone from the mental hospital to pick up the boy.

The boy was sitting in a room at the mental hospital with three other deranged boys. The boy was standing in front of some bars, which almost looked as if they were coming out of his head. The other three boys were singing a warped song as one of them tried to pry open the retarded boy's hand to take away three nickels which he had. Finally, the retarded boy opened his hand and gave up the three nickels.

The retarded boy looked out the window. He had a silver book in his hand which he wanted someone to read to him. But there was no one.

I slowly began reading that I was witnessing a story which someone was writing. The end to the story hadn't yet been written. There were two possible endings. In one ending the mother would come to the hospital and find the little boy and everything would be all right. In the second ending, the boy would die in the hospital.

I could see that this book needed to have impact on the public. Therefore it was going to be required that the boy would die. The ending showing the boy dying needed to be worked out and completed.

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