Dream of: 22 July 1982 "Sounds In The Attic"

I was at the House in Patriot. I went to the upstairs bedroom. The ceiling slanted down toward one side of the room, where there was a bed secluded in the corner. I lay down on the bed and called Birdie on the phone. She answered and I began talking to her. Although she was living in the attic right over my head, I couldn't go up there.

We talked about her husband. She said the last time I had called, her husband Rick had been there and had heard everything I had said. She said they had both even reached for the phone at the same time when it had rung. She had picked up the phone and talked with me for about a half hour, and Rick had heard everything. So apparently Rick knew about me. I said, "We can't go on living in the same house like this. We're going to bump into each other."

As Birdie talked, I began to think Rick was upstairs even right now listening to everything  being said. It seemed she couldn't say that he was there, because even while she was talking she was trying to conceal that she was talking with me, pretending that she wasn't talking to me. I began to become a bit frightened and thought, "Well, if he's up there, he could just come down here where I am, cause he's just up over my head, and try to do something to me."

I began whispering into the phone, holding my hand over my mouth. I whispered, "Well, what do you think we ought to do, hon?"

As soon as I said, "hon," I was afraid Rick might have heard. I thought I had demonstrated affection toward Birdie which might make Rick angry. He might come down anytime and try to do something to me. I kept whispering, hoping he wouldn't come down. I began thinking I could hear sounds, perhaps from Rick getting ready to attack me. I was quite frightened about it.

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