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Dream of: 17 July 1982 (4) "Pictures From Puerto Rico"

I walked into a law class in room 120 at Baylor Law School and sat down at my desk. The class was going to be taught by professor Angus McSwain. When McSwain walked into the room, he handed me a letter which had arrived from Puerto Rico. I laid the letter on my desk and did not pay any attention to it. I thought I knew what was in it: pictures I had taken of collages which I had made while I had been in Puerto Rico.

McSwain began lecturing, and called on students to recite cases. I had not read one particular case and I was trying to read it. I was concerned that McSwain might call on me to discuss the case. One of the people in the case was named "Love" and the name "Love" recurred repeatedly throughout the case.

By the end of the class, McSwain had only called on two people; he had not called on me. He called on one last person to discuss a case. When the person finished, McSwain said that the person had not understood the case correctly, that the case was about "due process."

Suddenly, McSwain called my name and he asked me if I had opened my letter yet. I told him I had not, but I said I thought I knew what was in it. I opened the letter, and found exactly what I had expected: five pictures of five different collages I had made while I had been in Puerto Rico. The collages were impressive; they looked more like paintings than collages and reminded me of paintings by Max Ernst. One was predominantly red in color. Another had a picture of a chair, with other pictures in the background.

As I looked over the pictures, the class ended and people began leaving. A fellow who had been sitting in my row walked up and began talking with me. He also had not read the case which I had not read. He said he felt close to me because of that. He grabbed my head, kissed me right on the top of the head, then walked away.

I put the pictures back in the packet and walked to the other end of the classroom. I saw Mike Cosby (a fellow law student); I intended to show him the pictures. I reached into the packet to pull out the pictures, but this time I pulled out a stack of pictures about two centimeters thick. They were not pictures of the collages, but ordinary pictures which I had taken while I had been in Puerto Rico. There were all sorts of pictures. One time I had camped out and had taken pictures while camping. I had taken pictures of deer and bears by themselves, as well as pictures of deer and bears fighting each other.

I had also been close to the sea and had taken pictures of seals. There was also a picture where I had been under a waterfall and had taken a picture of the back of the waterfall. There was a picture of a burning house which I apparently had seen one night. There was a peculiar picture of an outdoor stage. People were on the stage and soldiers were crouched down in front of the stage, as if they were going to attack the stage.

I could not find the collage pictures, but I told Mike that he could look through the pictures I had. Julie Isoline (another fellow law school classmate) walked up and began looking at the pictures. Michael Morrison (a law professor) also walked up and looked at the pictures. Morrison thought the pictures of the camp-out had been taken near a military base. He said, "Oh, those are around Fort Dix."

He was not much interested and he walked away.

Mike made a strange statement. He said taking pictures was fine, if you did not take too many while in the bathtub. I did not understand what he meant at first, but finally I concluded that Mike and his wife had had a child, and that they had taken many pictures of the child while it had been in the bathtub. The film had cost him much money.

Mike showed me a picture of the child (6-7 years old) which appeared to be wearing a ballet outfit.

Mike asked me if there were any pictures of my girlfriend Bonnie, whom he had never met. I said, "Well, no. Unfortunately I didn't meet her until the second half of the time I was in Puerto Rico. And these are pictures from the first half. So there aren't any pictures of Bonnie here."

He seemed disappointed and I was disappointed that I did not have any pictures of Bonnie to show him.

Finally, I was able to find the pictures of the collages and I showed them to Mike. I was quite proud of them. When I had pulled them out before, the pictures had appeared to be on thin paper like a newspaper; now they seemed more like photographs.

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