Dream of: 17 July 1982 (3) "A Bundle Of Snakes"

I had decided to spend a couple days at Jon's house, even though I had never been there before. He and I left together, and on the way, picked up two of his sisters to take with us. They were both attractive. As we drove along, the sisters began talking about the house. Apparently, their father had built it himself, and they didn't like it. They complained about different things concerning the house. They also said the house had been built into a hillside. Even though they were complaining, I thought the house would be nice, but was uncertain what to expect.

When we finally reached the area where I thought the house was located, I saw three small cottages along the road. I wondered if one of those was the house, and asked them. They said no, and we passed them by.

Suddenly, we pulled up in front of a very nice house sitting on the left side of the road. The house was built of brown wood and had two stories. It had a large front yard. A hill stood behind the house, but the house did appear to be built into the hill. But it all looked very nice. I got out of the car and said, "Well, this is just a beautiful house."

They seemed pleased that I liked it. Even though they had been complaining, they actually liked the house.

We walked around outside. We walked into a building which housed a well, and they showed me how the well had been built. The well was covered except for a small hole. They dropped a rock in the well to show me how deep it was.

When we walked into the house, we went down to the basement. It was getting late and I wanted to go to bed. They mentioned that I could take my sleeping bag and spread it out somewhere in the house. I asked, "My sleeping bag?"

I suddenly realized I hadn't brought my sleeping bag, as well as my toothbrush. Actually, I hadn't brought anything.

Some bunk beds were in one corner of the room. Jon was planning to sleep on the top bunk bed. But since stuff was sitting on the bottom bunk bed, one of the sisters said, "Well you can sleep on the top bunk bed with Jon."

I asked incredulously, "Sleep on the top bunk bed with Jon?"

I looked in another corner and saw a double bed with a cover on it. I asked, "Well, what's wrong with this big double bed here."

Jon was already on the top bunk bed, and one of the sisters apparently had gone back upstairs. The other sister and I sat down on the stairs. Suddenly, she jumped up and screamed, and I saw a snake about 25 centimeters long on the stairs. Jon heard her scream and come over to us. He ran up the stairs, apparently to find something with which to kill the snake. I also began looking for something with which to kill it. I didn't like to kill snakes, but I thought, "This one's in the house, and I'm just going to have to kill it."

I saw small pieces of two by fours and walked over to get one. But they were all tied together with a string, and I couldn't find one by itself. Finally, I did find a two by four and picked it up. I walked over to the snake and clubbed it right behind its head, trying to cut its head off. When I thought I had killed it, I looked around and saw another snake. I looked around and saw several other small snakes. One of them quickly slithered off. Finally, I saw a large pile of perhaps 50 small snakes bundled together. It looked as if they might have just hatched.

The sister (about 16-17 years old) was still standing there terrified. I hustled her upstairs to the kitchen. Somehow in the commotion, something black had gotten smeared on her face. I looked at her, laughed and asked her if I had anything black on my face. She said I did. She touched my face, and I suddenly wanted to kiss her. I moved my face toward her and gave her a short kiss on the lips. I backed away from her.

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