Dream of: 17 July 1982 (2) "Miniature Skeleton"

I was at the House in Patriot. I had found what appeared to be a pure white walking cane with a peculiar shape, somewhat like the antler of a deer. I picked it up and stood beside it. It was as tall as me. I looked into a mirror and admired how nice it looked. I thought I would like to have it, and would like to take it back to law school with me, even though it might look peculiar to take it to class with me.

When I examined it more closely, I realized a long, slender animal skull was at the top of the cane. Black eyes had been painted on the skull. I cleaned some cob webs from the area of the ears. The skull was actually made of wood and had been painted white.

In one of the rooms of the House I discovered a small grave about 20 centimeters long. The grave was actually a small box sitting on top of the wooden floor. The grave could be opened by simply taking the lid off the box. The grave was hundreds of years old. I realized I could open the grave by simply pushing the top back, and I thought, "I'd like to get into that little grave and take whatever there is out of it."

Since no one was around, I pushed the lid back and saw a small human skeleton about 15 centimeters long lying inside. I picked up the skeleton and laid it down on the outside of the box. I smelled my fingers and detected a strange odor. I noticed some other trinkets inside the box which apparently had been put there when the body had been buried. I took the trinkets out. Two of the trinkets seemed like miniature suits of armor. As I put the top back on the box, I realized some dirt had been on top of the box when I had taken the top off. I thought I might ought to go outside to get some dirt to put back on top of the box so no one would know I had taken anything out of the box.

When I walked outside to look for some dirt, I saw my grandmother Leacy standing outside. The ground had been plowed up under the old maple tree, even though the grass in the rest of the yard was still green. Leacy was standing by the maple tree.

I began to feel guilty about what I had done. I was uncertain what I was going to do with the little skeleton. I thought perhaps I should confess what I had done to Leacy, but I thought that would be very difficult. I was uncertain what I was going to do.

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