Dream of: 17 July 1982 "Knife Attack"

I was with two attractive young women in Portsmouth. We rode along Scioto Trail until we finally decided to go into a bar, a small nightclub. I thought I would go in, but I didn't intend to drink anything.

As we walked in, the subject of age came up, and one of the women asked me how old I was. I tried to remember. I started thinking I was 20, then 21, then on up until I reached 29. Almost surprised, hardly able to believe I was that old, I blurted, "I'm 29."

We were concerned our identification might be checked to see how old we were, but that seemed a bit ludicrous since I was so old.

Once inside, we walked down some steps to get to a large back section of the club. The area was about 15 meters by 25 meters. Tables, chairs and pool tables were in the area. As we walked along, I noticed some glasses containing green liquid on one table. I thought I might drink a beer, but thought again, "No, I can't do that. I'm not going to drink anymore."

As I walked, I pondered what I could drink, "Well, I could have a coke."

But a coke seemed too sweet and I really didn't want that. I thought, "Well, I'll just tell the waitress I want an orange juice."

How would I order it? I would say, "Well, you're not going to believe this, but all I want is a glass of orange juice."

When I reached a long table with about 10 chairs around it, I realized the women had disappeared. People were sitting in about half the chairs. As I looked for a place to sit, I noticed Stuart (a Portsmouth acquaintance) sitting in one of the chairs, and I thought I also saw Seeley.

As I walked around the table I noticed a glass of milk sitting in front of one empty chair, and I thought, "Well somebody's sitting at that place."

When I saw a coke sitting in front of another empty chair, I asked the fellow sitting in the neighboring chair if someone was sitting there. He answered, "Yea, there's a couple of guys sitting there. They're playing pool right now."

Since it was beginning to look as if there was no room for me at the table, as I continued walking around, I began to think I would just play some pool. I counted three nice pools tables in the section where I was. I also saw pool tables in other sections of the bar.

I shuffled over to one pool table, where I noticed a slender red-haired woman holding a pool stick. She was about 10 centimeters shorter than I. She was definitely not pretty. She had a few red spots on her thin face, and she had irregular teeth. She walked right up to me, smiled, and stood next to me. She seemed friendly, but I had no idea what she wanted. She kept moving closer, until I finally asked, "Well, do I know you."

She answered, "Yea, you know me."

She moved closer, put her hand on my chest, and said, "I'm going to kill you."

I didn't feel much danger, but I was thoroughly disconcerted. As she continued to touch me with her hands, I thought, "Well, she's making a play for me or something."

Still, I was unsure what she wanted. I didn't know if I should stay or walk away. She mystified me. As she put her hands on my chest, I suddenly noticed she had a small, pocket knife in one hand. I couldn't see it well at first, but when I focused in, I saw it was open. The blade looked like a metal finger nail file instead of a knife blade, about eight centimeters long. Startled, uncertain whether she intended to use the knife on me, I grabbed her wrist. She immediately tried to bring the knife closer to me. I hollered for help, "Help me! This girl's got a knife! She's trying to stab me!"

At first, no one knew if I were serious or kidding. By the time a couple men finally did come over, I had subdued the woman. The knife disappeared, perhaps picked up by one of the men who came over. I twisted the woman's arm behind her back. There was no resistance and she almost seemed like a rag doll in my hands. I said, "Well, I'm going to call the police on this girl."

I marched her toward the front of the bar, intending to tell the management what had happened and to call the police. When I reached the front, I noticed a pay phone on the wall, but I wanted to use the phone behind the bar. To a woman at the bar I said, "This girl has just assaulted me with a knife, and I want to call the police and have her arrested for assault with a deadly weapon."

When the woman at the bar just looked at me, I realized she probably didn't want to call the police and cause commotion. I continued, "So, can I use your phone?"

She said, "Yea."

Then she looked at the hair of the woman I was holding and asked, "Is that real hair?"

Looking at the woman's red hair, I replied, "Well, I'm not sure."

The woman's hair was short, and it did look as if it might be a wig on the top. I said to the woman at the bar, "Go ahead and feel it."

She leaned toward the woman as if she were going to smell her hair instead of feeling it. Then she leaned toward me as if she were going to smell my hair.

Suddenly, I felt dizzy and the next thing I knew, I felt as if someone were trying to pick me up off the ground. I could feel someone's hands picking up my thighs. I was unsure what was happening, but I felt threatened.

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