Dream of: 16 July 1982 "Under the Cross"

 mental torrents of

power may be sources of

epic poetry

After standing for a while in the lobby of an apartment building and looking at some books, I walked upstairs to an apartment where Birdie (my dark-haired girlfriend from my late teens) was living. I stood in front of the apartment door, knocked, then stepped to the side where I did not think Birdie would be able to see me through the small, round, peep hole. No one said anything from inside, but suddenly the door opened and Birdie stood before me. I asked, "Well, you just open up your door like that without making sure who it is?"

When she replied that she knew that it was me, I asked, "Well, how'd you know it was me."

She answered, "Well, you hadn't been here in two or three days. I was expecting you."

I walked into the apartment and began talking. Recalling a book I had seen in the lobby, I reported, "Well, Bob Dylan has out a new book now."

Actually, Bob Dylan had not written the book to which I was referring—it had been written by Carlos Castaneda. I even had the book—which I had bought in the lobby—with me. On the cover was the image of a man whose features could not be discerned. A shadow stretched out from his feet. The total impression of the man and the shadow was of two shadowy figures standing there. After I said, "The name of the book is Under the Cross," Birdie asked me what the title meant.

I had the impression that Castaneda had become a Christian. Referring to Castaneda's old beliefs before he became a Christian, I said something like, "He kind of, I suppose, rejected those old ways. But in this book he re-experiences these torrents of power which apparently came surging forth. And that was mainly what the book was about."

I was thinking that the "torrents of power" derived from Castaneda's former beliefs in sorcery, and not his new religious beliefs.

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