Dream of: 11 July 1982 "Freedom Street"

I was at Baylor Law School in a class being taught by professor Guinn. I was lying down in my chair, which seemed more like a bed, and had my sleeping bag over me. I was wearing a shirt, but was naked from the waist down. At first I thought I was dressed perfectly natural, but after looking around the room, I realized I was the only one dressed that way; everyone else was wearing pants. I thought the other students had previously brought their sleeping bags to class, because it was customary to do so since it was cold in the classroom. I became bothered because I was the only one not wearing pants. I looked at the clock; the class only had ten more minutes left. How was I going to walk around the hall with a sleeping bag around me when the bell rang? I thought I had managed it before.

I had a pair of pants with me. When the bell rang, I would put the pants under the sleeping bag and pull them on. I was still uncertain what I would do with the bag.

Finally I was sitting up. I had my unzipped pants on and I had the sleeping bag over my legs. I zipped up my pants and then I didn't feel so bad.

The professor had previously gone over a test with the students which they had taken before. He now handed me mine; I had made a score of 64 or 65.

Cosby (a fellow law student), who also seemed somewhat like Clifford, was sitting close to me. Since I didn't have the actual test, but only my answers, I asked Cosby if I could see his. He opened his notebook and said, "Yea."

He gave me the test I had asked for as well as two older ones. I also pulled out my papers for the two older tests. I mixed my papers up with Cosby's, then I finally straightened them all out. I laid all three of my papers side by side with Cosby's tests. One set had scores of 40 and 41. Another set had scores of 64 and 65. I also saw the scores on the third set. At first I thought his scores were a point higher than mine; but when I added up all the scores, mine were 16 or 17 points higher than his.

My grade on the test we had just received back was a "B." I was glad of that because I had wanted to get a "B."

As I was examining the tests, a girl wearing a white top walked into the classroom. Her breasts were exceptionally well-formed and it appeared that she wasn't wearing a bra. Apparently she had come in for her test. Only about five minutes were left in the class. She walked up to the front desk and the professor told her she had made a "D." Apparently she had missed several classes at the beginning of the quarter.

The grades weren't for the end of the class because the class wasn't yet over. The professor told the girl she was going to have to do better because he didn't want to have any low grades in the class.

When the class ended and the students began leaving, I still had the problem with the sleeping bag. After all the students had left, the room seemed like a large living room. The professor was now a woman in the living room.

I began folding up the sleeping bag. Since I didn't want people to see me carrying around the sleeping bag, I tried to roll it up as tightly as I could. I kept rolling and rolling, compressed and finally squeezed it into the palm of my right hand. As I began squeezing the bag, it seemed as if it had potato chips around it. I could feel the potato chips crunching in my hand.

The woman began talking to me. She wanted to show me some pictures. As she pulled out a snap shot and showed it to me, she said something about LSD. She showed me a picture of a man, who she said had taken LSD. She said the man liked snakes. In the picture he was standing in front of a stairway and holding a large boa constrictor. When she had first spoken, I thought she was going to say that he was going to imagine a boa constrictor when he took the LSD. But he actually had one. I noticed that the man was moving in the picture.

She showed me another picture of large boa constrictors in some trees. Apparently she had taken the picture in Texas at a zoo or nature park.

She showed me another picture which appeared animated. It was also moving. It showed some animals, probably pigs, dressed in ballet costumes. She told me the animals had also taken LSD. They were dancing an intricate ballet in the picture. The woman didn't place much importance on the pigs' dance; but I thought it rather amazing that they had learned the ballet.

I left the house. On the street I encountered a man with a van. I wanted to go to an island in the North Pacific. Apparently the man had a boat. I made a deal with him for him to take me to the island.

We got into the van and were almost ready to leave, when I began to suspect that he was going to try to harm me, and I backed out. I was afraid he was going to take me somewhere and kill me. I jumped out of the van and said, "No, I'm not going to go."

He was quite angry. I left.

I decided to try to find another way to reach the island in the North Pacific. Before I knew it, I had landed in Vietnam, which was on my way to the North Pacific. I was going to have to spend the night there.

In my right hand I was carrying a large, brown suitcase about twice as wide as a regular suitcase. I was also carrying something in my left hand. I was a bit apprehensive because the Vietnam war was still taking place. American soldiers were there; it was generally dangerous.

As I walked through the streets, I didn't at first see many people. I walked up a hill to try to get a view of the city. I was looking for a clean motel. At the top of the hill, I found a small park. A round cement platform was in the center of the park; I sat down on it. As soon as I had sat down, some Vietnamese children (most 10-12 years old) approached me. Although I didn't trust the children, I thought, "Well, there's a bunch of them. So maybe it won't be so bad."

They wanted to talk with me. I was only interested in finding a motel, and I asked them where one was. They pointed down below, where I could see the drab, colorless city stretching out. All the buildings appeared to be brown and the streets twisted through them. One child said there was a street below called Freedom Street. He told me I could find a good clean motel on Freedom Street. But he said Freedom Street wasn't like a regular street, because it twisted all around. So he couldn't describe how to get to the motel. I would just have to get on it and try to follow it.

It was growing dark and I wanted to leave. I stood up. Four zippers were on my suitcase; at the end of each zipper was a small, brown statuette dangling from the zipper. They looked as if they might be made of soap stone. As I got ready to leave, the children, who had their hands on the zippers, began jerking off the statuettes. That made me rather angry. One child said something about, .".. you people who still bring these little statues with the bow ties...." One statue appeared to portray a man wearing a bow tie. I wasn't wearing a bow tie. They pulled off all the statuettes. I didn't want the children to take them, but I didn't want to fight with them either. So I took off, rather relieved that was all that I had lost.

I walked to the edge of the park to a large building, perhaps a large, brown church. Two girls (about 15 years old) were there. One had black hair and was absolutely beautiful. I looked at her for a moment and passed by. I saw the streets going down the hill. I wanted to get away from the children, who I thought might try to follow me. As soon as I was barely out of their sight, I began running, lugging the suitcase. I ran down the hill as fast as I could to try to reach the bottom.

When I reached the bottom, it was getting darker and darker. Not many people were on the street. I was desperate to find a motel and get off the street. It was a scruffy and dirty section of town. I began running through the streets. I couldn't find a cab. I saw many signs, but I couldn't find Freedom Street. Finally I asked a man, who pointed on down the street. I raced ahead, only to find a dead end. I looked to my right and saw tables with books all over them. Apparently people were selling books there. I thought, "Well, maybe somebody here could help me."

I ran up to a man behind one of the book tables and said, "Do you speak English?"

He said, "No," and pointed to another person standing there. I turned to that person and said, "Do you speak English?"

He said, "Yes."

I said, "I need a motel. Can you tell me where I can find a good clean motel?"

He answered, "Well, there's one on the other side of this street."

I was unsure how to get to it. I thought since it was a dead end street, I was going to have to go back out and all the way around. It was already quite dark. I said "Thank you," and left.

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