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Dream of: 06 July 1982 "Circles of People"

While preparing for an exam, I began looking at a large book and on one large page, I "read" pictures of people which were arranged in seven or eight rows from left to right across the page. The pictures taught me something about history and law. Reading the pictures was quite laborious, and although I was gaining much information, I was unsure I would have time to read everything the way I wanted.

One part of the first picture had something to do with Finland and another country whose named seemed to be "Auto." I tried to picture in my mind where Finland was and also tried to picture the countries which were on Finland's borders. Switzerland came to mind, but I could not recall any country named Auto. I could not clearly decipher that part of the picture.

I flipped to another picture and read it for quite a while. At the top was a circle of people with their arms around each other; at the bottom of the picture was a similar circle of people. Within each of the two circles was a smaller circle of people with their arms around each other. And within each of the smaller circles was yet a smaller circle of the same thing. A dark blue color predominated at the top of the picture.

I thought the picture was quite interesting, but since I needed to find more recent history or law, I leafed to the back of the book where I thought I would encounter the most recent pictures. Many pages of writing were interspersed among the pages of pictures, but I was only interested in the pictures. As I searched for the latest pictures in the back of the book, a woman entered the room; I immediately decided I wanted to have sex with her. She reminded me of Bonnie, but she was taller and more slender than Bonnie. She seemed like a composite of many different women; I felt very close to her.

She and I were studying the same thing. I thought she could get down on her hands and knees and put the book in front of her. I could then have intercourse with her like a four-legged animal and could read to her over her shoulder at the same time. She immediately took off all her clothes and I took off all mine, except for a striped tee shirt.

As we were about to get down on the floor, I realized we were in the living room of the House in Patriot. The door between the living room and the kitchen/dining room was open. Many people were in the kitchen/dining room; since I  not particularly want them watching us, I rose and shut the door. I began looking for a lock; I saw a small hole-and-hook latch at the bottom of the door. I latched it part way and headed back toward the woman.

Just as I reached her, someone pushed on the door so that, although the door would not open, a crack was created. Someone began peeking through the crack. Although I wanted to begin having sex, I walked back to the door. Apparently, the person looking through the crack wanted into the living room. I said, "Go away."

Whoever was there insisted on being let in. I jerked open the door, grabbed the person (a woman) by her hair and threw her on the floor inside the living room. I closed the door back. The woman was my paternal step-aunt Lou (the step-sister of my father), and she was pregnant. I heard people in the other room say, "Steve better not hurt her because she's pregnant."

For a second (because she was obviously so pregnant), I was worried I might have hurt her. She lay on the ground with her hands covering her face; but she seemed unhurt. Finally, she smiled, rose and looked around the room as if to say she knew what the woman and I were doing in there. It was rather obvious what we had been doing, since the woman was nude and I was only wearing a tee shirt.

Finally, Lou pushed the door back open (it was actually a swinging door) and walked back out. I was perturbed and although I knew many people were in the other room, I walked to the door and stood in the doorway in just my tee shirt while the people looked at me. Many of my family members, including my sister sitting on the couch, were in the other room. I finally pulled the door shut.

My woman friend walked over to me and together we began locking the door. We again locked the latch at the bottom and also latched at the top of the door—a silver hook-and-hole latch sturdier than the one at the bottom. We also latched a third tiny latch in the middle of the door. Even as we were locking the door, we began feeling pressure on it as if someone else was trying to push it open.

Meanwhile, I realized a door leading upstairs was also in the room. Realizing it was possible for someone to go upstairs from the other side of the House and come down into the living room where we were, I thought, "Well, they'll probably do that. They won't leave us alone."

I began thinking the woman and I should leave the door locked, go upstairs, and try to escape from the upstairs, perhaps out onto the porch roof. I took the woman's hand and we began ascending the stairs.

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