Dream of: 03 July 1982 "Thrill in Dreams"

I had gone to an assembly in an auditorium at Baylor University; the entire student body was gathered, seated around a large, empty square in the middle. The stand for the speaker was just to my right, behind the square. A man stood up there.

After the speaker had talked for about a minute, another man stood and in a loud voice interrupted the speaker. At first I thought the interruption was part of the speech, but then I realized the speaker was in the process of taking away a high office of the university—such as the office of president—from the man who had interrupted him.

Apparently, a scandal had arisen in which some tapes had been involved. The man being relieved of office began espousing his defense. The affair did not make any difference to me one way or the other, but I listened to what the man had to say, interested that he was talking like that. He continued talking and walking around the room. Obviously the speaker who was taking the man's job was becoming uneasy. Finally, the interrupter grabbed a microphone and began talking into it until another man walked up and turned off the microphone.

I was eating some peanuts. Several students, including myself, shouted out, "Let him talk."

The girl next to me said, "Well, we shouldn't all say that at the same time."

The speaker said, "Go ahead. Let him talk."

The interrupter began talking again.

I suddenly awoke and realized the entire episode had been a dream. I was in a small restaurant where I had come to meet my girlfriend Bonnie who did not look like herself; she looked exactly like one of my law school classmates named Elisha. As we were preparing to eat, I began telling Bonnie about the dream. When I told her what had happened, she seemed disgusted. I asked her what was wrong and she said she did not think I cared about her. She acted as if she had inferred from the dream that I no longer cared about her. I asked her why she thought that. I said, "Well, why to you think that? You just think that because I haven't dreamed about you for three or four days."

She said, "I'm just burned up already. You keep on thinking you're going to find some kind of thrill in those dreams."

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