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Dream of: 29 June 1982 "Rooming House"

I was sitting in a bathtub, taking a bath. The bathtub was in a large room which had many bathtubs in it. Around my bathtub was a plastic curtain which separated my bathtub from the other tubs. The room was in a rooming house occupied by black people. The other tubs were for the other black people in the rooming house to take their baths in.

I hadn't completely shut the flimsy plastic curtain on the left side, so it was open in one spot.

As I sat in the tub, I noticed how dirty the water was. Many long hairs were floating on top the water. A terrible ring was around the tub where the water was. The water was growing quite cold. Finally, I turned on the hot water. I sat up and moved closer to the faucet, relishing how good the hot water felt.

A girl walked up to the tub and stood outside the curtain. She asked me something about the hot water and I replied, "Yea, there's plenty of hot water."

The girl was pretty. She had short black hair and was wearing a red coat. I gathered that she was likewise going to take a bath in a tub next to mine. It was also surrounded by a plastic curtain. She stepped into the tub behind the curtain and began disrobing.

I stood up and began closing the curtains completely around my tub. I could see her figure through the plastic curtain, although I couldn't distinguish any features. Just as she finished taking off all her clothes, I brazenly reached out and pulled back the curtains to her tub. I stood looking at her. She was still wearing her red coat, although she had taken off all the rest of her clothes. As I looked at her, I was concerned that I was doing something wrong. But then I reached out, pulled her close to me, and began kissing her. For a minute she half resisted. Then she gave in and she didn't resist at all.

We continued kissing until I soon had an erection. I pulled her closer and closer to me. Somehow she turned around backwards and put one of her legs up on the side of my tub. I reached down to her vagina and tried to insert my penis. But I was having difficulty because she was turned around backwards. I got closer, but still was having difficulty finding her vagina. As I continued trying to insert, I felt a hole, but was uncertain whether it was her vagina or her rectum. As I tried to push my penis in, we both suddenly lost our balance and she tumbled back into my bathtub into the water. One whole side of her red coat was drenched.

Upset, she jumped out of the bathtub. She said something about her "car husband." I concluded that she had a husband and that they both lived in a car. Although the husband wasn't that important too her, she was worried because her coat was soaked on one side. She tried to wring the water out of it. Thinking she was going to leave, I said, "Don't worry. We can go to my house. I've got a dryer there."

But she seemed terribly upset and I was unsure she was going to go with me.

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