Dream of: 25 June 1982 "Call To Prayer"

Louise and I were in a large building in a foreign country. She was in trouble. When I learned that some men in this foreign country had been badly mistreating her, I swore to take her away. Together we had arrived at this building where I hoped she might be safe until we could leave. We soon found some stairs inside the building and ascended them all the way to the roof. Once we had stepped out onto the spacious flat roof, we began walking around. As I surveyed the roof-top, I became distracted for a few moments when I noticed some small round multi-colored objects which resembled Kubricks cubes. Curious, I picked up some of the cubes and began examining them more closely.

But my attention was soon drawn to another man on the roof. When I began talking with the man, he informed me that the owner of the building was presently on vacation and that someone else was living in the building in the meantime. The man said that since the owner was away, Louise could live here in the building for fifteen or sixteen dollars a month. I liked the idea. This would be an excellent place for her to stay.

Now, more relaxed, thinking Louise would be safe here, I lay down on my back on the roof. Although some other men had showed up on the roof and seemed to be annoying Louise, I didn't concern myself with them because they didn't appear to be doing her any harm. Finally Louise even began having a friendly conversation with one of the men, an older bald man.

When I suddenly heard the Moslem call to prayer, I realized we were actually in a Moslem country. I immediately decided to heed the call and pray. Since my head was already pointed toward the east (the direction I thought the Moslems faced when praying), I at first thought I would simply pray to God while I remained lying on my back. But then I decided it would be disrespectful to stay on my back. So instead, I turned over and bowed on my knees toward Mecca in the east, which I thought was in the same direction from where the call to prayer seemed to be coming. A person on my right and another person on my left were also bowing and praying. As I concentrated deeply, I seemed to perceive an almost magnetic force in the distance calling me to pray.

I figured Louise didn't know what I was doing. As soon as I had finished praying, I jumped up, strode over to her and pulled her away from an older man next to whom she was now lying. When the fellow glared angrily at me, I ignored him and asked Louise, "Louise, do you know what that call was?"

Uncertain, she responded, "No."

I explained that the call had been the summons to prayer, and then added, "You're going to have to start doing that."

I thought Louise needed to begin praying it was dangerous not to follow the custom as long as we were in this country. Everyone was supposed to pray and if she didn't, trouble might ensue. Praying might also dissuade the other men here from bothering her. Besides that, I thought praying had some value in itself, that prayer was part of my belief system, and that Louise should pray because it was beneficial. She responded, "Yes, you're right. I'm going to have to start doing that."

I clattered, "Yes, you're going to have to start doing it five times a day. It'll be five times every day."

She said, "Yes. I'm going to do it."

Although Louise happily and exuberantly agreed with what I was saying, she didn't seem to know exactly what was going on.

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