Dream of: 18 June 1982 "Homegrown"

The quarter had ended at law school, and I had decided to return to Ohio for a couple weeks. I was sitting on the passenger side of the front seat of a car headed to Ohio. A woman who looked like Youngblood (a fellow female law student) was driving. My brother Chris was sitting in the middle between us. It turned out that Youngblood (like Chris) had muscular dystrophy. She couldn't move around well, but she still had enough strength in her arms and legs to drive.

Chris and I fell sleep for a while and when we awoke, Youngblood was still driving. This was the first time she had ever driven, and as we proceeded, I commented on how well she was doing.

Youngblood had a mole on the right side of her stomach near her bottom rib; a hair was growing out of it. It was similar to a mole I had on the left side of my stomach. Chris, sitting between us, was pulling the hair on Youngblood's mole with one hand, and pulling the hair on my mole with the other hand.

We weren't on a highway, but on a two-lane road in a hilly area. Youngblood steered into the left lane to pass a car. After we had passed the car, but while we were still in the left lane, a red van backed out into the road ahead of us on the right side. The van stopped and then pulled back in. Just as I told Youngblood to be careful, the van suddenly pulled out again all the way into the left lane where we were. I wanted to tell Youngblood to put on the brakes, but I couldn't speak. As I watched the red van coming closer and closer, I knew we were going to crash into it and I closed my eyes. I felt a slight impact and I knew Youngblood had careened to the right and had avoided hitting the van head on.

When I opened my eyes, I saw we had run off the road and come to a stop. I got out of the car and walked to the front of our car, which also was red. The car wasn't hurt badly. The headlight was gone on the right front. There was just a hole where the headlight should have been.

After examining the car, I looked inside to see if everyone was all right. Youngblood didn't know what she was doing. She began driving the car forward straight into a wide deep ditch. The front wheels fell down into the ditch. The car went down in such a way that I could no longer see inside it. I began hollering to Youngblood to keep going so she could get out of the ditch. I walked to the back of the car, which was raised up in the air, and I tried to push it down so the wheels could get some traction. Youngblood began giving the car the gas. The wheels began spinning but the car didn't move. I kept pushing until finally the wheels caught. The car moved ahead out of the ditch.

The car stopped and another fellow jumped out. He walked over to examine the van. He hollered back to me that the van wasn't badly damaged. It only had one long scratch on it.

I walked over to a nearby old country house. Three men in their late 20s were standing nearby. They were apparently the ones who had been in the van. I wasn't angry, but I didn't know what to think about what they had done. I walked up and asked them if they knew better than to back a van across the road like that. One walked up to me and I said, "Well, who's fault's this going to be."

He pointed at me and said, "You."

I pointed back at him and said, "No, you. We're going to sue you for every penny we can."

He replied, "And I'm going to join you in the suit."

However we didn't seem to be angry with each other. Finally, I said, "Well, look, I don't really want to sue you. I don't want to gather all these people up and sue 'em."

He agreed. I asked him if he lived in the state. We were still in Texas. He said he did and he named the city where he lived. He was headed to that city. I said, "Well, I live all the way in Ohio."

We both realized it would be futile to try to sue each other.

In the meantime the other fellow with me walked behind a small shed sitting nearby. He came back and said, "Guess what I found. I found something that's enough to pay for all our damages."

I asked, "What?"

The fellow from the van quickly ran behind the shed. I asked my companion, "What'd you find? Some pot?"

He answered, "Yea."

I said, "Well, I wouldn't mind one with those guys."

He answered, "Well, come on."

He and I walked behind the shed where I saw six or seven fifty-pound dog food bags filled with marijuana. I opened up a bag; it contained the tops of marijuana plants. I asked, "What kind is it? Is it homegrown?"

One of the other fellows said, "Yea. We shouldn't have bought it, because I could have just grown it myself."

Apparently, he had just bought the marijuana. I thought, "Man I wish I had my little cassette player to be recording everything this guy says. I could just have it in my back pocket and be pressing the record button, about him having this dope, and he'd never know I was even recording it. If I went to trial and wanted to use it against him as evidence, I could."

I pulled some marijuana out of the bag. It was very dry and had many seeds. I put it back in the bag.

One of the fellows pulled out some cigarette papers and began rolling a joint. He also had a small hose from which he squirted water on the joint. I thought, "Well why would he want to make it wet? It'd be harder to light if it's wet."

I turned to the fellow with me and said, "Well I know what I'm going to be doing all the way to Ohio. I'm just going to be stoned."

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