Dream of: 15 June 1982 (2) "Circle As A Symbol"

A handsome black-haired boy (about 12 years old) went to see a woman who knew the boy had been taking some drugs. The woman had a kit on a flat tray. The kit contained some pictures and designs about different kinds of drugs. The woman hooked up a little, long, flat mirror to the tray in order to see the backs of all the symbols on the tray so she could tell what they meant. She was searching for a design which looked like a circle, which represented a pill. Somehow she was able to determine that the boy had been taking a certain kind of pill.

She then turned to the boy and told him to stick out his index and middle fingers right in front of him and then to look at them and tell her if he could see the tips of his fingers. It was obvious that the boy was becoming more and more affected by the drug he had taken and obviously he couldn't see the tips of his fingers. The expression on his face revealed that he was becoming strained and scarred. The woman could immediately tell there was a problem. She grabbed his hands, moved them closer to him and asked, "Now can you see it? Now can you see it?"

She was beginning to think the boy might have taken an overdose, and she might have to call an ambulance to come for him.

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